Touching story: A sick dog tries to survive until he meets a miracle

Touching story: A sick dog tries to survive until he meets a miracle

I just walked here and met a stray dog ​​again.

I just called Dazhu and asked him to get something, some food and water.

Then I came to see what was going on with this little guy.

He didn’t look energetic at all.

I lay down while walking.

I don’t dare to touch it now.

I don’t know if it can bite.

There is a big tumor on its belly that looks like it is about to burst And the dog looks very old.

I’m so thin that I do n’t have any strength to walk.

I guess I haven’t eaten for a long time.

If the dog touches you, please don’t bite me.

Be obedient and you won’t bite.

It’s okay.

The dog won’t hurt you.

Don’t be afraid.

I ‘ll give it to you later.

Bring some food and water Now.

I don’t dare to touch it alone.

This is when I just met it and I was walking alone on the road.

From the speed of its walking I can see that it is very weak, Because I am not sure if it has an owner.

I just keep it Following it.

It seemed to have no home and went to the woods and lay down.

It was probably afraid that I would hurt it.

It lay on the ground and did not dare to move.

There were several wounds on the little guy’s body which attracted a lot of flies.

I tried to lift it up, but it I’m a little scared and want to bite me.

Yanyan, here it is.

It ‘s lying here Just now.

I followed it from the road.

It didn’t do well.

I followed it here.

It came here and lay down.

It may have seen me.

If you ‘re afraid, don’t touch it and bite me.

I touched it just now and it wanted to bite me.

How did I get this big tumor on my belly?

It doesn’t bite.

Can’t it move away after biting it?

I don’t know what’s going on.

I followed it from the road.

Here it lies here and it wants to bite.

Here it lies still.

I don’t dare to touch it.

It can’t go away.

You can touch it gently, but if you use force, it will bite it.

This is on the belly.

No, it’s okay.

It bites the dog.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Okay, please pour some water for it to drink.

I just wanted to help it up, but I saw it was biting

And I didn’t dare to move it.

I wanted to wait until you come.

The dog is fine.

Come drink water.

He is thirsty.

Drink some water.

The dog should drink some water.

Why don’t you give it something to eat?

This tumor is bigger than the tumor on the steamed bun before.

It ’s almost the same as the steamed bun.

It’s under the belly.

This is a breast tumor.

You pour this water and eat it.

It wants to eat but is afraid to eat.

Can I let it go, Dog, come and eat.

If you are hungry, you look skinny and bones.

Hmm, let it eat something first.

Hmm, Don’t touch it.

It bites.

Yes, it is too hungry and can’t walk.

Or is it sick?

Who knows, It’s old.

Oh, it vomited.

Why did it vomit?

The dog may have eaten too quickly.

Look at those knees.

This point is also broken.

You see, it has attracted flies.

It can still walk.

It can walk, but it is very slow and wobbly.

Let it drink some water first.

The joint in its right leg is also deformed.

Yes, This is also a tumor.

If there is one like this, there will be several.

It is not very hard.

Look at the water.

It does not drink anymore.

Just take it home.

Okay, take it home and see, You brought the cage.

Well, take it directly.

Take it back.

I’ll hold it Over there.

Take this.

Okay, You put the things here.


Take it home quickly.

This dog has a tumor on its belly.

It’s like a steamed bun.

Don’t touch it.

Look, if you bite someone, you must be a coward.

Don’t bite the sky.

There is still injury to bite someone.

Take your time.

Look at this.

I don’t know if this is a stray or someone else threw it.

It must have been thrown by someone.

Let ‘s test it for canine distemper.

I saw it had a tumor and it was thrown away.

It’s all rotten in several places.

I guess this dog can’t walk without food.

It’s starving.

Wear a hood to save it from biting us.

No, no, no.

Take it home.

Take it home and get it some food.

Its wound needs to be rubbed.

It’s broken.

I’d better put some canned food in it, mix it with some dog food and give it some dog food to eat.

Okay, okay, Look at this place.

There is a small hole in it.

I feel like this is bitten by another dog.

Right, It’s possible that the hole was left out there, wandering around and being bullied by others.

So I have to use this.

It hurts all of a sudden, but it’s dirty here.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

This is a dog.

The tumor has ruptured.

Are there tumors in the breast glands below it?

Well, the ones below are all here.

You see right.

They are all small, hard bumps, all of which are tumors.

If you need to do surgery on this one, you will have to cut it out.

Every row has to be cut off.

Looking at the several wounds on its body, I don’t know how it survived.

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