Touching love Mother dog tries to push puppy out of cage to slaughterhouse causing fever-d4

 A young male singer just posted a picture of a mother dog attempting to force her kid out of an iron cage on his Facebook page with the caption:

“Carrying a baby while expecting to die in a cage. pregnant. Within the cage, this dog gave birth. He unsuccessfully attempted to push his infant from the unsettling cage.

This picture received 1000 likes, hundreds of shares, and comments within an hour of being shared.

The picture is distressing because it shows the helplessness of a puppy that is just a few days old, born in a small cage, trying to poke its head out of the iron bars.

I stood beside the poor mother dog, unable to rescue the puppy as it desperately tried to escape the tiny cage. Viewers are moved to tears by the sight of the mother dog hunched down next to the puppy attempting to escape the cage.

Just picture the puppy without her mother’s milk and how awful it must be for the mother to watch her red baby grow up and ready to pass away. A young being has only just begun to exist, so why was his birthplace so difficult?

Many people are upset by the sight of a newborn dog with closed eyes on the “death” vehicle. Several people who adore dogs but oppose eating dog meat have expressed their frustration:

“I don’t get why Asian societies have always consumed dog meat. Allow the dogs to live in safety and love.

Many people believe that eating dog meat is something that should be condemned, stating that “I desire that humans not consume the meat of close and friendly animals too often, but replace them with the meat of creatures that grow fast and are difficult to control in terms of health.” quantity.

I sincerely hope the dog drivers change their ways and release these pitiful critters.

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