The moment when the 150-pound dog kisses his little sister on the forehead after her cry has melted everyone's hearts.

The moment when the 150-pound dog kisses his little sister on the forehead after her cry has melted everyone’s hearts.

Pets are not simply for companionship or as a scene, the “boss” also use their full capacity to help owners take care of the house. The four-legged friends below are an example of when they were promoted to “nanny”.

Accordingly, recently, Sohu posted a clip of a Golden Retriever dog helping his owner take care of the baby. Its smoothness surprised many people.

11. Barcroft Media.

The dog saw the little mistress sleeping without a blanket. (Photo: Sohu)

According to the video, it seems that the friend was “sen” tasked with watching the baby girl sleep. It can be seen that each of its movements is very gentle, just like being afraid of a baby waking up. In addition, the boy carefully covered the treasure with a blanket so that it wouldn’t get cold. The figure sat on the side of the bed, gently watching the sleeping child.

11. Giant pit bull Hulk seems to adore little three-month-old Jackson.

He gently pulled the blanket over the little girl. (Photo: Sohu)

In addition, this 4-legged guy seems to be also a housekeeper. When I finished sleeping, the “nanny” immediately rushed to clean the house. The boy masterfully grabbed the broom handle to go a few basic ways, then busily collected the trash and put it in the bin. Finally, he quickly grabbed the towel from the shoe shelf and wiped the floor with his feet. Not only that, after taking care of everything, the dog also brought the tool back to its original position.

11. Barcroft Media.

Then the “boss” sweeps the house again. (Photo: Sohu)

After the clip was shared on social media, it attracted a large amount of interaction. Everyone must be amazed at the “nanny” so smart. Moreover, its movement is extremely agile as it has done many times. Some netizens admired and applauded: “It’s no shame that a dog has a high IQ. Looking at it so thoughtfully makes me feel ashamed. It’s not easy to train such a pet, even knowing how to cover a blanket. for me, how smart!”

Referring to “childcare teacher”, we cannot forget the Bull dog breed. It is a friend loved by many children. Previously, Baidu site shared a similar case. The story is about a couple who are always busy with work. Life becomes more chaotic when they have to take care of two more children.

Why do they have such GIANT dogs, you ask?

However, when adopting a Bull dog, the burden on the parents’ shoulders seemed to be reduced. It is known that after returning to the same home, the “boss” and the two boys gradually became close. Only a short time later, Bull also held the position of babysitting nanny. At first, the couple seemed a little nervous but they were able to wash their eyes when they saw the warm images of the children.

“Nanny” Bull is very understanding and emotional. (Photo: Baidu)

The dog takes on the task extremely well, it is always next to play with the owner. He even helped lull the baby into a dream. Since the “boss” appeared, parents have more time to cook or work overtime at home. The wife shared: “Bull really surprised us. It harmoniously coordinated between child care and housework. My wife and I are really grateful to you.”

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The friend helps the owner to look after 2 children. (Photo: Baidu)

Currently, cats and dogs are the characters “dominating the Internet”, their presence makes people crazy. Not only because it has a lovely appearance or helps us improve our spirits and health. “Boss” is also excellent in taking care of the house and taking care of the boys. Therefore, the role of pets is increasingly important, they occupy a high position in the hearts of owners. Look at the two dogs above, good at water work, doing housework that makes many people admire!

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