Stephen Curry’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message to Ayesha See details here

Stephen Curry’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message to Ayesha See details here

Stephen Curry Honors Pregnant Wife Ayesha on Final Mother’s Day as Family of Five: ‘We Love You’

The couple is expecting their fourth baby together and is already parents to daughters Riley and Ryan, as well as son Canon

Steph Curry/Instagram

Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry

Stephen and Ayesha Curry celebrated a beautiful holiday with their family of five.

On Thursday, the Golden State Warriors player, 36, and his pregnant wife Ayesha, 35, celebrated Mother’s Day with daughters Ryan, 8, and Riley, 11, and son Canon, 5. Stephen shared a carousel of photos on his Instagram in honor of his wife, which included a few sweet snaps of their three kids.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of my bundles of joy! You brighten their day every day, give them support, encouragement & confidence to be their best selves,” he wrote. “Always thankful to be on this journey of parenthood with you. Keep that mother‘s touch. We love you!”

On March 1, Ayesha announced that she is expecting her fourth baby, revealing her baby bump on the cover of the first digital issue of her magazine, Sweet July. She also shared the news on Instagram.

In the magazine, Ayesha explained that she and Curry originally thought they were done having kids, but realized “somebody was missing” from their family.

“I’m also realizing how quickly time has gone by with our first three children, who are now self-sufficient and don’t need as much from us,” she wrote. “Canon came up to me the other day and asked, ‘Hey, Mommy, how’s your baby? Does your baby have a working brain?’ Getting to experience this through his eyes and through Ryan and Riley’s eyes has been so cool. They’re at such different ages and stages in life. Their perspectives are so different and it’s been the most exciting thing.”

In an April interview with the Associated Press, the Golden State Warriors point guard revealed that he and his wife made sure to keep the months of July and August clear so it wouldn’t affect his debut at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The couple are set to welcome their newest addition in June.

“We thought about it ahead of time, which was nice,” the athlete told the outlet. “If the timing didn’t work at a certain month in the fall, we actually would have made a different decision knowing the Olympics were on the radar. So, thankfully, the Lord looked out for us and if everything goes to plan, I’ll be available this summer.”

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