“The team down there contacted us saying that they looked us up and would like him to come here!” Pit Squad director Jamie Addison told The Dodo. “[They] removed him from the ability to be adopted, and we started prepping.”

Stephanie Easley

When foster mom Stephanie Easley learned that Snuffy was moving to Minnesota, she immediately knew it was fate.

“The second he was posted as needing a foster, I literally begged,” Easley told The Dodo. “I couldn’t believe out of every single rescue and every state he was randomly coming to Minnesota and to the rescue I just started volunteering with.”

Safe with his new foster mom, Snuffy couldn’t help but show her lots of love.

dog hugging woman
Stephanie Easley

As Snuffy settled into his new home, he stuck close to Easley. Even when things got tough, Snuffy knew he wasn’t alone.

“Right before transport to Minnesota, we were informed that he had just tested positive for heartworm,” Easley said. “[Pit Squad was] prepared to pay the thousands of dollars for his treatment, and I as his foster was prepared to go through the painful kennel rest that comes with this treatment.”

As Snuffy’s treatment began, Easley was always happy to lend Snuffy a hug, assuring him that he had lots of loved ones to lean on.

dog cuddling woman
Stephanie Easley

Along with a severe case of heartworm, Snuffy was suffering from an enlarged heart and damaged lungs. Rescuers feared the worst, but they refused to give up. Snuffy underwent necessary treatment and survived with zero complications. The pup’s chances were finally looking up. As Snuffy recovered, community members rallied together to bring him toys and treats.

Snuffy was so grateful for all his friends, and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

“Snuffy is still extremely affectionate and loving!” Easley said. “Human love is his number one desire.”

dog and woman
Stephanie Easley

Now, Snuffy is waiting to find his perfect match. The reactive boy needs an especially understanding family, but rescuers know that they’re out there.

“He is now available for adoption, but it will take an extremely particular family,” Easley said. “Someone kind and loving, but strong in their boundaries and expectations. He cannot be with other dogs or small animals. He needs somebody prepared to continue with his training. Right now, every moment of his life is a training opportunity.”

dog close to camera
Stephanie Easley

For now, Easley is enjoying every moment and savoring every hug from her quirky foster pup.

“He’s changed my life in so many ways,” Easley said. “He has truly taught me that sometimes things aren’t as easy to solve as they seem.”