Young Manchester United star Kobbie Mainoo shows off a special Adidas Stone Roses suit designed spontaneously for the Red Devils

Young Manchester United star Kobbie Mainoo shows off a special Adidas Stone Roses suit designed spontaneously for the Red Devils

MANCHESTER UNITED have released a special edition kit and clothing range in collaboration with The Stone Roses.

The clothes are inspired by The Stone Roses album covers

The collection features a special kit that uses the paint splattered pattern from The Stones Roses’ debut album cover.

In announcing the collaboration, the items are supposed to represent the ‘Madchester’ era in the 1980s.

Manchester United players modelled the clothes with Mainoo, 18, pictured in a bucket hat and tracksuit top.

Kobbie Mainoo starred in a bucket hat

Fans loved the collection as some described it as “dope” and “cool”

In the commercial images, Mainoo—who is renowned for his exquisite flair both on and off the field—perfectly captured the essence of the Stone Roses. The kit’s distinctive design honors the band’s Manchester origins and significant music.

With his partnership with Adidas, Mainoo has demonstrated his versatility and influence as a style icon in addition to being a football player, leaving fans excited to see what he does next.

In 1983, Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield, and drummer Alan John ‘Reni’ Wren established the Manchester-based band The Stone Roses.

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