WWE star Dwayne Johnson pushes through an intense late-night workout.-dubii

WWE star Dwayne Johnson pushes through an intense late-night workout.-dubii

Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to training hard, whether it’s for a movie or his  WWE return. The 52-year-old is also a believer in staying disciplined no matter what. Despite his incredibly busy schedule, the bodybuilding enthusiast refuses to miss a workout, even if has to train when most people get cozy in their beds.

The  Moana actor proved to his fans yet again that he is even willing to sacrifice sleep for training. “Midnight training session,“ The Rock wrote, as he posted two photos on Instagram. While The People’s Champion didn’t elaborate on his training, he showed off his quad pump and gave subtle hints about the workout he did.

“Pushed through, got it done, but had extra motivation,“ added The Rock. Yet, who could motivate someone inspired enough to train at midnight? It was two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Mark Kerr. “I’m super grateful for @markkerrtsm,“ said Dwayne Johnson in appreciation of the former NCAA Div. 1 champ.

The  WWE star also explained that this workout was part of another training camp for his upcoming film, The Smashing Machine. “It’s a good feeling as my training camp is coming to an end as our film’s production officially kicks off this week,” revealed Dwayne Johnson. So it seems like The Rock was training with the champion he’ll portray on screen.

Although Dwayne Johnson has a lifetime of  pro wrestling experience, he’s working hard to learn all aspects of MMA. Flex Kavana has posted videos of himself practicing striking, clinching, and grappling to portray Mark Kerr in The Smashing Machine. In fact The Rock even talked about how he found MMA training humbling.

Dwayne Johnson: From combat sports veteran to student

Dwayne Johnson gave it his all to portray the DC character in  Black Adam. Despite being massive and shredded, The Rock put on even more muscle. He is doing the same for The Smashing Machine. Mark Kerr was known for his brute-force style, and Johnson has found stepping into Kerr’s shoes quite humbling.

“Working hard, learning, respecting and being a student of the game during this training camp,“ The Rock wrote in a previous social media post. The 52-year-old also uploaded clips of himself learning the craft. “Humbled by this challenge,“ added the  WWE icon and felt honored that he gets to tell the UFC champ’s story.

Hence, it’s no surprise that the bodybuilding enthusiast is not missing any training sessions, even if he has to push them back until midnight. Although The Rock hasn’t announced any official release date for The Smashing Machine, it’s slated to hit theaters sometime next year.

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