wift Treatment Rescues Elephant from Shoulder Swelling-HoangGA

wift Treatment Rescues Elephant from Shoulder Swelling-HoangGA

Reports of a swelling on an elephant’s right shoulder, accompanied by dry discharge and slight lameness, prompted immediate action to address the condition.

To administer swift treatment, a sedative containing 14mgs of Etorphine and 1000 IU Hyaluronidase was delivered via a 1.5ml dart propelled by the Dan-Inject darting system.

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Despite initial concerns, the induction process occurred smoothly within eight minutes, with the elephant assuming a dog-sitting position before being gently guided onto its left side.

The right ear served as a blindfold to shield the eye, while the trunk was kept straight with the aid of a stick.

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Before and after darting, muscle shearing caused the swelling to burst open, releasing tenacious pus.

Examination revealed a septic pouch, approximately thirty centimeters deep, possibly caused by a spearhead.

Following the bursting of the swelling, thorough cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine took place.

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This was followed by infiltrating 30000 mgs of tetracycline and applying green clay to promote wound healing.

Systemic treatment involved injections of 40ml Catosal and 30000mgs Tetracycline into various muscle sites to prevent septicemia. Additionally, 50mgs of Dexamethasone were administered to alleviate inflammation.

After forty minutes, the elephant was successfully revived with 40mgs of Naltrexone administered into the superficial ear vein.

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Remarkably, within one and a half minutes, the elephant regained its footing and energetically ambulated away.

The elephant’s prognosis is favorable thanks to early intervention and comprehensive treatment, as the injury was detected before severe lameness and septicemia could set in.

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