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After the Celtics’ victory, D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers’ coach, made a discovery that will make Darvin Ham redden

The legendary rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers continued with another victory for the Lakers. It was still a rout, even without Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Even Jayson Tatum’s best efforts to close the gap on the leader were fruitless. From a distance, Austin Reaves began to scorch the Celtics’ defenders. It seemed like Darvin Ham’s strategy was heading in the right direction. D’Angelo Russell even went so far as to make statements about it on Spectrum SportsNet.

In my opinion, that’s trust… Recognizing when your players are getting lost in the sauce and finding ways to offer them love or get something easy is a key component to success for coaching staff around the league and in many professions. D’Angelo Russell made it clear that when players receive trust from their coaches, it empowers them to give their all on the field and contribute to winning.

A tremendous victory over the league’s beast squad was achieved by the Lakers. Since Darvin Ham’s rotations were clearly above average, it was no fluke. All night long, they maintained their lead. Austin Reaves, who led the team in scoring with 32 points, made 10 of 18 field goal attempts. In addition to scoring, Russell helped set up the аttаck with 14 assists. The Lakers’ incredible rebounding performance, spearheaded by Jaxson Hayes’s ten rebounds, was the icing on the cake.

Lots of basketball games are yet to be played this season. It would be great if the Lakers could regain their position in the Western Conference.

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