Unveiling LaMelo Ball's Spectacular $10M Mega Mansion: A Tour of 11 Bedrooms, Expansive Swimming Pool, and Private Ocean Staircase

Unveiling LaMelo Ball’s Spectacular $10M Mega Mansion: A Tour of 11 Bedrooms, Expansive Swimming Pool, and Private Ocean Staircase

The former Illawarra Hawk, who formerly resided in Wollongong, is now not only an NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets, which are owned by Michael Jordan but is also Jordan’s neighbor in his new $10 million mega estate.

As a rising American superstar, the expansive coastal property in North Carolina is a world removed from South Beach Wollongong; his excavations are accessible by air, sea, and automobile.

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Ball completed an outstanding rookie season in the NBA, earning the Rookie of the Year award from his peers.

Observe his irrational mansion in this video (while disregarding the portion that falsely asserts Ball purchased our Illawarra Hawks in the end).


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