Unraveling the Enigma: Delving Deep into the Mysterious Physique and Intriguing Skin of the Baby

Unraveling the Enigma: Delving Deep into the Mysterious Physique and Intriguing Skin of the Baby

The husband works as a wife tragically away during the seventh month of pregnancy, the children endure discomfort and misfortune, which adds to their emotional well-being. “As I held my son in my arms, I was overwhelmed by the heartbreaking sight.”

Since then she has had four sons together. The couple works mainly in agriculture and, in their spare time, they do occasional jobs to earn extra money and raise their young children.

Having a large family has made life difficult for the couple, but it is also accompanied by the joyful laughter of their children after each day of exhausting work. However, this happiness did not last long as a series of tragedies happened to Mr. Thag, the husband and father who recently turned 40 years old.

Almost two years ago, his wife became pregnant with their fourth child. She discovered through an ultrasound that the baby she was carrying in her womb was a boy. The entire family and friends were eagerly awaiting the day the baby would come into the world. However, as she held her newborn son in her arms, both the husband and the wife were surprised to discover that her body still had the umbilical cord attached, with some abnormalities.

Thaпg still vividly remembers the day he took his only son from the doctor. “My wife was in the delivery room, I was waiting anxiously for her outside the door. When the doctor called me by my name, I was happier. But when I picked him up from the doctor, I was surprised to see that my son’s skin was completely black.

The doctor at that time encouraged me by saying: “Parents, be careful, the baby was healthy, with no defects on the part. Do your best.” Holding my baby in my arms, I shed tears but he is my son, such fate, I have to accept it, but I don’t know what to do. Just like hospitality, Thaпg and his wife will call his son Traп The Da. A doctor diagnosed him with a gigantic pigeon and he had to undergo many surgeries to treat it,” Thaпg said.

Despite having a “heavy” way compared to other children, with the love and care of his parents, Dad grew up normally and healthy. So far, baby Da is 20 months old, he has begun to take his first steps and learn to speak. However, since I know how to call my father and mother, it is also the time when I have to live as an orphan.

The pain of the husband who lost his wife during pregnancy, the child drowned

Grandfather Da was almost υп a year old and his wife Thaпg was pregnant with their fourth child. They had 4 children but were pregnant, the couple decided to have the child in the womb, knowing that they would face difficulties. Especially Dao’s malformation has been treated.

Working only to earn money and take care of his pregnant wife and four young children, Mr. Thag doesn’t care about the hardships. “Children are your biggest asset,” he said. I still have the strength to work, no matter how difficult it is, I will overcome it, as long as my wife and children are healthy, I will be happier.”

Such a small wish, but fate gave him the opportunity to fulfill it. His wife, since she was 7 months pregnant, suddenly showed signs of pregnancy, so she was quickly taken to the emergency room, but everything was too late. His wife died from circulatory arrest and the child who was in the womb could not be saved.

His wife died I repeat to myself, he had to suppress his pain to take care of his life and the son of his four small children. She shared that when his wife died, his children cried every night because he missed his mother. “Baby Da is only 20 months old, I remember the warmth of his mother crying all the time. Staying up all night with the baby in her arms, I can only pat him: “Here I am! May you sleep well and pray that my wife in heaven will bless my father and my son with health and peace.

I thought that the events that followed were the extreme pain that Mr. Thag had to endure, but fate had still let him go. In mid-September, her second daughter drowned, but she was fortunately discovered and taken to hospital for emergency treatment. Holding his 20-month-old son in his arms, looking at his daughter in the recovery room (Quad Nih Children’s and Obstetrics Hospital), Mr. Thag felt as if I had broken his eyes and said, “Why? he Is God so much like this with me? ?” .

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