Undying brotherly love: The puppy brother protects the puppy from those who steal dogs for meat - Giang

Undying brotherly love: The puppy brother protects the puppy from those who steal dogs for meat – Giang

Buddhist parents provided a safe haven for two puppies who were in dire need of rescue and adoption. It’s hard to imagine the challenges these furry friends faced while living on the streets, but now they are inseparable and remain side by side. Although small in size, the older pup takes on the role of protector and makes sure that his company is out of harm’s way. These two pups are simply adorable and heartwarming to watch!

Seeing the iffats abandoned, the Buddhists quickly made the decision to take them to their temple and provide them with proper care.

Although they may be small in size, the older person takes care of the younger one. They are absolutely lovely!

It’s hard to imagine the struggles these two dogs faced while living on the streets before being saved.

Although they may still be a little shy, their confidence grows with each passing day.

Rest assured, they are currently well cared for!

The large group seems to be quite calm and collected as well.

They are now under someone’s care and protection!

Thanks to the intervention of the Buddhists, the apprehension of these two little dogs has been dispelled. Their embrace serves as a powerful reminder that animals are capable of love and protection, just as humans are. What do you think of this touching display of compassion?

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