Unconditional love: The wife promises to always be by her husband’s side whose body is only skin and bones

Unconditional love: The wife promises to always be by her husband’s side whose body is only skin and bones

Um, he was a normal and strong man.

But one day he woke up and phone.

When everything has changed he found when none of his body organs were functioning and until right now he cannot walk, he cannot even sit by himself.

They have always been lifting him and the wife is here ready to do everything to this man, no matter what.

The man died one day and doctors pronounce him dead, but he mysteriously came back to life after 2 days.

It’s called everest.

Just looking at him, you can realize he’s so weak that he cannot even move by himself.

He cannot do anything.

He says none of his body organs function.

He was a normal and healthy man and in a way that he does not understand, he woke up one day unfold, some of his body organs not functioning at Paul, and later all body organs stopped working completely to him.

He was not a person who always felt sick.

He was always a strong man who was workaholic and looked forward to making his family better.

But now his whole body is aching, that if you touch or even hug the man, he’s so ill that he can’t even manage to say aloud the wife.

Experience tells us more of the husband and even more of that day to day life.

Esperanza says.

This husband of us became ill one day and then died.

He was at the hospital when receiving treatment and in a short time he stopped breathing.

Then doctors pronounced him dead.

His body was about to be handed to the family in a plastic bag.

Everyone was weeping, but something unusual happened.

The man miraculously managed to come back to life and up today.

They still don’t understand that mystery.

All they say is that the man refused to die after he conquered death.

He had to spend a week at the hospital and surprisingly the man was not aware of what happened, that he died and came back to life, and he was also shocked wondering how that is possible.

The wife says the man is suffering from hepatitis.

This infection is caused by a virus that attacks the liver and leads to inflammation.

He was taken to different hospitals and even given medicine.

After the man took medicine his body became worse, that his body organs started being weak, that whenever he was taken to the hospital people had to always left him because he had stopped walking.

They spent a lot of time visiting several hospitals where the man gets worse from one day to the other, and sometimes he could be taken to hospitals and test negative.

Doctors would recommend him to be given some vitamins and all food values so as to regain blood.

The mother says the husband’s treatment process required a load that selling the properties was a good idea so as to save the man’s life foreign.

They did whatever possible, hoping to bring back a far risk to a normal life, but it’s taking much longer than expected.

They brought all kinds of food- vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, unkind-

So that the man would at least gain weight.

But what happened next was contrary.

The man decreased in weight instead of increasing to the point that he looked scary, that even some people and other young children fear looking at him.

Young children think he’s a ghost or else something that can hurt little children.

Time came and he said he’s feeling something going wrong in the chest, that he now does not want to eat any kind of food here.

They were ready to do everything at whatever cost and take him to hospitals, and they even took the man to traditional doctors.

But those traditional experts also failed.

Then back to the local hospitals and the man was again examined and results showed he had tuberculosis.

They even saw the cattle, but make sure the man was treated.

After a few days he started showing some positive changes.

He became so strong that he even started walking by the help of a walking stick.

Here they relaxed.

They are very happy that at least the man is slurry by slurry recovering.

They were trusting the process, but this too did not last long, as it only lasted for just one month, and then it was even weak than ever.

They quickly rushed the man to the hospital again, but doctors could not see anything he tested negative.

This time ago everything happened.

They were confused as people who had an ill patient and think the man is weak than ever, but they were told there’s no any other problem.

The man kept being ill from the day they came to the hospital.

Up to now, since having this body illness, he has never seated by himself or even try work as before.

Now the wife is worried.

She’s afraid of losing the man she loves the most.

She says they love each other and they do everything to this man.

This includes waking him up, washing, dressing him, feeding and lifting him whenever he needs sun, bathing.

Though he’s weak, though he can’t do anything on his own.

The woman says she will always be there for the man and would never ever leave the man struggling alone.

The innocent man kind of understands when asked how she handles this situation and keeps being close to the man.

She says as a human being no one can strengthen themselves.

For her to be this brave and strong is only by the help of praying and understanding God’s scriptures.

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Today is my birthday 🎂 hope I get some love here 😞😞 ‎ ‎ ‎

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