Tristan Thompson Splurges on $10 Million Luxury Villa for Extended Vacation Following 25-Game Suspension

Tristan Thompson Splurges on $10 Million Luxury Villa for Extended Vacation Following 25-Game Suspension

It appears that the Kardashian family’s custom of keeping ex-partners close is still in place. The Sun reports that documents indicate Tristan Thompson has purchased a sizeable acreage that is almost a 3-point shot away from Khloe Kardashian’s just finished mansion. The large home cost the NBA star $12.5 million, which he paid for with the help of a nearly $9 million mortgage. It is situated on a 1.39-acre lot in guard-gated Hidden Hills.

The newly constructed home with East Coast classic design was sold to former owner of the Keyes Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, and Honda stores in Van Nuys, California, auto dealership tycoon Howard Keyes for $9 million that same year.

The lavish estate includes six bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and more than 10,000 square feet of space. It also features a large motorcourt with enough for more than ten cars. The foyer is large and double-height, with a checkerboard black-and-white stone floor and a massive crystal chandelier atop it.

It is entered by the front door. The front door is reached via three short flights of stone stairs. Brown hardwood floors can be found in the living space, which is connected to a formal dining room and a temperature-controlled wine closet.

The chef’s kitchen has not one, but two islands and is furnished with high-end appliances as well as a butler’s pantry. The next family room opens up to a large loggia with space for outdoor entertaining through large sliding doors. On the main floor, there is also a library, a game room with a wet bar, a breakfast room with a hexagonal shape, a cinema room, maid’s quarters, and an adjacent five-car garage.

The master suite is located upstairs and features two designated sitting areas as well as a private balcony with views of the lovely gardens of the estate. The two master bathrooms, which are covered in expensive stone, connect to two dressing rooms with custom finishes and each have soaking tubs.

The backyard seems like an exclusive resort, despite being located deep in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. It is dotted with rose gardens, old trees, and green lawns. According to the listing, Keyes recently invested a sizable sum of money upgrading and adding to the estate’s numerous outdoor amenities. He put in a brand-new covered cabana with a fireplace, a brand-new BBQ area, and a brand-new sports court with a basketball hoop, ideal for Thompson’s at-home practice.

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