Trae Young Announces on Instagram the Arrival of His Second Child, Baby Teal

Trae Young Announces on Instagram the Arrival of His Second Child, Baby Teal

Monday marked the announcement of the birth of Trae Young’s second child, a newborn girl named Teal Dove Young, whom he and his wife Shelby Miller have welcomed into the world.

Young wrote the following on Instagram: “Your mother gave birth to you! “Tada and Tydus will now protect you eternally in this world.” “Tapel Dove Young”

Tydus, who was born slightly over a year ago, is Young’s son and is now an older sibling. Young referred to the impending birth of their daughter in July as their “greatest blessing.”

“Being a father is unlike anything else, bro,” he stated in a video announcement at the time.

Trae expressed the responsibility of instilling in his son the values of being a responsible older sibling and guardian, given his own upbringing as the eldest sibling with a younger sister, which he himself experienced.

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