Today is my birthday, I hope everything will be lucky and go smoothly️🏀️🏀️🏀

Today is my birthday, I hope everything will be lucky and go smoothly️🏀️🏀️🏀

The basketball legend, fresh off his NBA championship win with the Los Angeles Lakers over the weekend, displayed Zhuri’s new mini-mansion in the family’s Los Angeles backyard.

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The 35-year-old athlete posted a video of himself and his daughter playing in the white structure on Instagram.

The mini residence is an exact replica of the family’s $23 million Brentwood mansion and includes a kitchen, dining area, and study room.

“Early birthday present, my princess!!! Love you, Z’s infant,” LeBron captioned Zhuri’s Instagram story of her standing in front of her new home.

The Los Angeles Lakers player filmed the interior of the mini residence while the proud homeowner Zhuri swept up the dirt that LeBron had tracked onto her gleaming custom floors.

“The basketball icon can’t help but laugh as he exclaims, “oh, I’m sorry. I soiled your flooring?!”

In the clip, LeBron asks his daughter if she is taking a break from her schoolwork and then shares a cute clip of the pair enjoying breakfast on the patio of their primary residence.

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