This delightful Golden Retriever commits a minimum of two hours daily to spreading joy by offering hugs to strangers encountered on the streets-pvth

Golden Retriever dogs are highly renowned for their kind and loving disposition. The golden retriever is often regarded as the perfect family companion by most dog owners.

Louboutina, a well-known golden retriever from Chelsea, New York City, likes giving visitors street hugs. Because she is so loving and beautiful, the sweet puppy has over 58k Instagram followers!

Every day, the lovely golden retriever, named after a French shoe designer, offers people hugs for at least two hours. In case we forgot to mention it, golden retrievers are known for being friendly dogs.

“It’s just not your typical trek.”

“It’s just not an usual stroll,” her owner, 45-year-old Fernandez-Chavez, adds. It’s a stroll filled with embraces. He goes on to say that many people say she made their day. Maybe that’s just what they needed after a bad day at work.

When her owner’s relationship ended in 2014, Loubie began taking his hand. “She started sitting up and grasping my hands with both of her paws, then crossing the other paw over her paw,” Fernandez-Chavez said. My friends and I used to make fun of each other by saying things like, “At least I had someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day.”

If you’re in New York, write Fernandez-Chavez an email and set up a hug appointment with Louboutina since he’s realized that not just he, but the entire world, needs the warmth his dog provides.

In Chelsea, New York City, the coziest and warmest hug possible awaits you.

Where you may meet Louboutina, New York City’s renowned hugging dog.

Loubie and her owner Fernandez-Chavez began holding hands around Valentine’s Day in 2014. She started standing up, holding my hands with both paws, and then crossing the other paw over the first.

This golden retriever spends nearly two hours on her daily stroll giving everyone she encounters hugs. It’s not your normal journey… It’s a trek filled with embraces.

“People say she made their day better… For example, if someone had a stressful day at work, that may be precisely what they needed. Her owner realized that the entire world may benefit from a bit of the love that his dog can provide.

Follow Loubie the golden retriever’s Instagram page to see more photographs of her offering hugs.

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