The world was shocked: The baby’s heart was exposed, making everyone gasp in surprise

The world was shocked: The baby’s heart was exposed, making everyone gasp in surprise

Despite the extraordinary circumstance of the baby having his heart positioned outside the limits of his thoracic cavity, it is comforting to know that his general health remains solid and is unaffected.
Your early baby has just come down with an extremely serious disease in which the heart is attached to the chest outside the body.

Health experts say that this baby’s case is not common, only 8 people out of every 1 million people in the world suffer from it. At the same time, 90% of fetuses with ectopic hearts survive immediately or only last 3 days.

However, a mistake occurred when this baby spent 7 days on this earth and was still very healthy. The doctors will perform the baby’s surgery.

The newly born baby’s head grows more

Another baby on the same day also had a sickly body and a different head and stomach.

When he was full, he weighed only 2 kg with another head on top of his stomach. The doctor said that it is a disease called Hetropagυs, commonly known as “parasitic twins.”

The baby was well cared for in the hospital’s Neonatal Center. Doctors made vigorous efforts to separate the head from the abdomen just as the baby’s health status stabilized.

Newly sour baby half human half skinny

A woman living in Ekiti State, Nigeria, was surprised after 13 months of being pregnant with two children, but after giving birth, one of the children suffered from a half-skinned birth defect.

The doctors said that this newly born baby had a strange illness that caused a complete fetal defect. The baby still moves normally because there is a small part of the body that carries the nerves to the colon. But due to the size of the child, the child looks like a deformed “creature”, half human, half human.

Baby has a heart-shaped head

Muhammad Nafi, the father of this two-week-old baby, was diagnosed with a severe heart attack located on the right side of his head. Over time, this fear grew, causing his head to swell and take on the shape of a heart.

The tᴜг also affected vision in his right eye and doctors are performing tests to see if any other organs in his body are damaged.

People have raised funds for charities to help this poor baby, but his family says they have yet to receive any help from the local government.

A 5-month-old baby grows a tail that is 13 cm long

Niυ Niυ, Chiпa, suffered a serious bodily defect in the colυmпa. A crack in the vertebrae of the colon creates space for the colon. Little by little, the baby’s mother immediately noticed that this crack formed a tail and it began to rapidly grow in size over time.

It is known that the tail has begun to form since Niυ Niυ was still in the mother’s womb, it is predicted that the case is due to a deficiency of folic acid early and late in pregnancy.

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