The stray dog is only skin and bones, he can’t walk because he’s been hungry and thirsty for a long time-HoangGA

The stray dog ​​is only skin and bones, it cannot walk because it has been hungry and thirsty for a long time.

When I took her to the dog and cat rescue center in Grapeda, Spain, the dog, Barilla, was skin and bones with few other organs that could be formed properly. Furthermore, her muscles are quite weak, she can’t walk anymore and she is only paralyzed in her body.

Center staff were worried that Barilla, who weighed just 7.2 kg, would survive his critical health condition. Not only that, but arriving only late at night would save your life.

Since Barilla could not stand on her own, the staff provided her with support to help her gain muscle. She also hydrated him with me for 6 hours before the staff decided to give him something more nutritious.

Barilla has scratches on all four of his legs, which were severely damaged when crawling on the floor.

Barilla was able to get up and drink water after 6 hours of water supply, but he did not last long.

Barilla has gained 4kg after a week of care and therapy, but he is still unable to walk or stand for long periods and often falls to the ground. Barilla didn’t start eating properly until she was 6 weeks old, but she could run and jump like any other healthy dog.

Barilla is most dedicated to staff care.

The owner of the shelter, Edυardo Rodrígυez, 37 years old, decided to adopt Barilla because it was love at first sight. Barilla currently lives with his wife, his 14-year-old daughter and five more dogs in his Rodrígυez house on the outskirts of Graпada.

Barilla has her own house after months of living on the streets.

Aпh Rodrígυez said that this is his first dog adoption since one of his dogs died in an accident five years ago. “My drive to survive was incredible and I connected with her the first time I saw her,” she said of her choice.

From the beginning, Aпh Rodrígυez and Barilla showed themselves to be very affectionate and committed.

Barilla’s recovery has been drinkable; Since the third day of her rescue, she has been eating 5 to 6 meals a day and has gained 1 kg per day. Barilla’s weight has already reached 20.8 kg and she is almost completely covered.

The locals discovered Barilla and handed her over to the rescue center and the police. Barilla was only ten months after she was rescued. Police are still investigating who let the unfortunate dog into this covet.

But so that you can see where all this pleasure comes from, it is worth the time, the price and the reverence. But so that you can see where it comes from all this time, it is the price and the pleasure of the bow.

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