The Impact of One Homeless Man’s Love for His Dog: A Birthday Celebration That Changed Everything

No birthday is complete without a birthday cake with a candle on top. Your one wish per year, how will you use it, what will you wish for? Maybe a new car or a vacation to Malibu, mayhaps a wish for world peace or infinite amounts of money? Well, we know what one man wished for as his dream came true nearly as soon as the candles were blown out.

A homeless man was seen throwing a humble birthday party for his two dogs, singing them ‘Happy Birthday’, giving them hugs, and treating them to cake all whilst sitting on the stairs of a public park, having no other means of shelter. But that would soon change.

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Well here’s something you don’t see every day! A man named Choco sat on some stairs at a local park with two dogs wearing party hats

Homeless Man’s Birthday Party For His Dog Warms The Hearts Of Many, Leading To A Better Life For Them All

One sunny evening, a man walking through a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, saw a homeless man throwing what seemed to be a birthday party for his pet dogs. The man named Choco was sitting on stairs alongside his companions Shaggy and Nena, almost as if basking in the late sunshine, however, the party hats sitting atop of the pup’s heads told a different story.

They were celebrating the birthday of Shaggy the pup. Cake and candles were revealed and he started singing ‘Happy Birthday’

Homeless Man’s Birthday Party For His Dog Warms The Hearts Of Many, Leading To A Better Life For Them All

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