The Icon Lionel Messi Steps Forward For The First Time With The Incredible X Crazyfast. 1 'The Eight'! Don't Miss This Historic Moment! 🌟👟⚽ #Messi #XCrazyfast #ElOcho

The Icon Lionel Messi Steps Forward For The First Time With The Incredible X Crazyfast. 1 ‘The Eight’! Don’t Miss This Historic Moment! 🌟👟⚽ #Messi #XCrazyfast #ElOcho

Messi X Crazyfast .1’s masterpiece ‘EƖ Ocho’ is a great combination of many special elements.

The number 10 and the Argentine flag: The number 10 on the shoe represents the shirt number that Messi wears on the court and the Argentine flag represents his nationality.

8 numbered balls: In the shoe there are 8 balls, each numbered from 09 to 23, which represent the 8 times that Messi won the Ballon d’Or, a prestigious award for the best player.

The two sides of the heel are numbered with the years of the Ballon d’Or: the left and right heels are numbered respectively with the years in which Messi won the Ballon d’Or (QBV), another personal award that he has achieved in his career.


Goat head shape (GOAt) in the center of the instep: In the center of the instep there is a goat head shape (GOAt), the symbol of Messi, which comes from the fact that he is considered the best player of all time .


The names of his three children (Thiago, Mateo, Ciro) and his wife (Antonella) are printed on both sides of the shoe’s exterior: this is Messi’s way of remembering his family and honoring their love. of him for his wife and his three


‘Best In The World’ Text: This Text is printed on the shoe and means ‘top of the Earth’, a way to show recognition of Messi’s talent and achievements.

With such special and significant details, the X Crazyfast .1 ‘El Ocho’ shoes have become an iconic masterpiece, paying homage to Messi’s greatness in football.

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