The Challenge of Mango Worms in Dogs: Understanding and Treating Infestation-dubii

The Challenge of Mango Worms in Dogs: Understanding and Treating Infestation-dubii




Mango worms, scientifically known as Cordylobia anthropophaga, are a parasitic menace that often afflict dogs in tropical regions. These tiny larvae, originating from the mango fly, can wreak havoc on a dog’s skin, causing discomfort and potential health complications if left untreated.

Mango worms are typically found in warm and humid climates, where the mango fly thrives. The adult female fly lays eggs on damp soil, where they hatch into larvae within a few days. These larvae then attach themselves to passing hosts, including dogs, through contact with the skin.

Once on the host, mango worm larvae burrow into the skin, creating small, painful lesions. As they feed and grow, these larvae cause intense itching, prompting the dog to scratch and exacerbate the problem. If left unchecked, the infestation can lead to secondary infections and skin issues.




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