Taylor Swift Said Travis Kelce Singing to Her Was the “Most Romantic” Moment, Ever

Taylor Swift Said Travis Kelce Singing to Her Was the “Most Romantic” Moment, Ever

Fairy tales really do come true.

Just a few days after Travis Kelce made headlines for serenading his girlfriend Taylor Swift with her own song, “Love Story,” a new clip is making the rounds proving that the superstar singer was loving every moment — including a newly unearthed tidbit that revealed even more Swfit songs on the playlist after the Super Bowl. In a video posted on X by a Swift fan account, she can be seen and heard describing the moment Kelce sang “You Belong With Me” to her, saying that it was the “most romantic thing.”

“That was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me,” Swift says in the clip.

“They played it and I was literally coming out of the bathroom and I was like: ‘Yes!’ It was perfect timing,” Kelce added.

“And then we met in the middle and I was like: ‘What is happening in my life right now?!’” Swift finished before Kelce leaned in to kiss her cheek.

The party included appearances from Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs teammates, Swift’s partents (no lie), and a slew of friends and family. The after-party included Kelce’s debut on Swift’s TikTok account, a major milestone for a star that has, until now, kept her championship-winning beau off her feeds.

If these fairy-tale moments aren’t enough to keep Swifties believing in love, sources close to Kelce say that he’s ready to join his chart-topping, record-breaking girlfriend on tour now that he’s in his off-season. Swift has dates in Australia through the end of this month before she heads to Singapore in March; Paris, Sweden, and Portugal in May; and the U.K. in June. With more dates in Europe through the summer, she’ll be back stateside in the fall with shows in Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana before the Eras Tour wraps up in November.

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