Taylor Swift gets flowers for her birthday at her New York City home from her beau Travis kelce ‎

Taylor Swift gets flowers for her birthday at her New York City home from her beau Travis kelce ‎

On Wednesday, Taylor Swift received stunning floral arrangements as a surprise for her birthday.On the occasion of her 34th birthday, the Long Live hitmaker received a bouquet of two dozen pink peonies, which her security guard carried into her opulent Manhattan condo.In celebration of her 34th birthday, a bouquet of two dozen pink peonies was delivered at the Long Live hitmaker’s lavish penthouse in Manhattan and brought inside by her security guard

Swift is “really excited” for her NFL star boyfriend, Travis Kelce, to meet her friends and celebrate with her on the same day, an exclusive insider revealed.According to the source, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs is also “nervous” because he wants to lavish her and give the superstar “the best day ever.”Many flower deliveries took place during the day, and she saw a party truck pull up to take up the leftovers of a wild night at her flat.

Multiple extravagant displays of flowers were reportedly delivered to the hitmaker for her 34th birthday, including this stunning display of pink peonies

This transpired during her pre-birthday celebration in Kansas City, Missouri, with Travis and his mother Donna.Patrick Mahomes, Travis’ quarterback teammate, and his spouse Brittany were also in attendance.Because he is now in Kansas City for required training, Travis was not present on Tuesday night when Taylor started her birthday celebration at Manhattan’s Zero Bond with her 31-year-old best friend Selena Gomez and 36-year-old actor Miles Teller.There were also many fans waiting outside of the Grammy winner’s penthouse hoping to get the chance to wish her a happy birthday personally

He intends to accompany her on tour and is said to want to commemorate her special day well into 2024, according to insiders.A insider informed DailyMail.com, “Travis is going to be with her, and he is really nervous because he wants this to be her best birthday ever.””He wants to give her an experience that will probably last longer than today, not gifts for him, though he will get gifts for her,” they continued.Another delivery man was spotted delivering a box full of gifts

The source continued, “He wants to take the lead going into Christmas and New Year’s and make it all about her.”After the season is finished, he intends to accompany her on tour because he wants to spend as much time as possible with her.There was a continuous flow of flower deliveries as more people showed up with lavish bouquets of rosesShe received a lovely bouquet full of white flowers with a special note at the topSwift also received a massive display of pale yellow rosesA party planner was spotted rolling dollies into her apartment and holding the door for more flower deliveriesA party truck was also spotted arriving picking up the remnants of a fun party from the night before

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