Taylor Swift concerts prompt Brisbane school to consider rescheduling Year 12 exams

Taylor Swift concerts prompt Brisbane school to consider rescheduling Year 12 exams

A Brisbane school is considering scheduling its Year 12 exams around students attending interstate Taylor Swift concerts.Year 12 students in Queensland are set to sit their week six exams between Tuesday, February 27 and Friday, March 1.

Swift will not be playing any shows in Brisbane during the Australian leg of her Era’s Tour, however will be playing three shows in Melbourne on February 16, 17 and 18 and four in Sydney on February 23, 24, 25 and 26.

In an email to parents obtained by InQueensland, the deputy principal of Wynnum State High School said it was aware a number of students would be attending interstate concerts, in the lead up to the start of the exam period.

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Because of this, the school said it would “endeavour to schedule the exams your child sits later in the week”.

“I have been informed that a number of students will be interstate on the previous weekend and some up until Tuesday, February 27, attending one of the Taylor Swift concerts,” deputy principal Lisa Hawkin said.

“The dates of the exam block cannot be changed, however we are not unreasonable and propose the following. The timetable within the exam block is flexible, however all students must sit the same exams at the same time.

“If your child will not be in Brisbane on Tuesday, February 27 please let me know via email by Monday, January 29.

“We will endeavour to schedule the exams your child will sit later in the week.”

Taylor Swift will be performing several shows in February in both Melbourne and Sydney. Credit: Getty Images

The Department of Education told 7NEWS.com.au any claims that the school was changing its block exam dates due to the concerts were “inaccurate”, and that the email was only gauging what kind of impact the Taylor Swift concerts would have on its students.

“No exams have been moved. The time and days of individual exams within the block exam have not been set yet. This will happen two weeks before the exam block,” the department said.

“E-mail communication from the deputy principal to the school community on the issue was gauging the possible impact of a Taylor Swift concert on student attendance and scheduling of exams, so this could potentially be factored in.

“As is standard practice across schools, it is not unreasonable for the principal to understand student arrangements during exam periods to ensure they are catering for students while ensuring adherence to Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) requirements.”

It is unclear how many students at the school are attending any Taylor Swift concert dates.

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