Sincere words of encouragement from parents: No matter how you are, your parents will always be by your side 💖

Sincere words of encouragement from parents: No matter how you are, your parents will always be by your side 💖

As long as I wanted to have my own children. When I discovered that she was pregnant, she was the happiest woman in the world. She couldn’t stop thinking about the newest baby that my husband and I would love.

There were many days of the first three months of the stage, including whether the baby would be a boy or a girl and what would be his name. Every day we told our daughter that mom and dad couldn’t wait for her to arrive. He gave us great pleasure to see his progress each month in things. In the fourth month of my pregnancy, this changed.

During that appointment, the OB-GYN noticed something aberrant, but he didn’t give me any additional training. Instead, he asked me to perform a 3D ultrasound so he could examine the baby’s anatomy in greater detail. We make an appointment at the clinic with the necessary metal for the comprehensive analysis of the organs and physiology of the fetus.

When it was time to go to the cave, we were soaked and exhausted. That day was tragic… We discovered that Heliay’s hands, feet, eyes, mouth, nose, k and a were deformed. Her orgasms and rest were normal. The case of his coditio was miotic Bad syndrome. In the womb, she became trapped by strigs-like amiotic illnesses. This altered their menstrual cycle and affected their development.

While I was sobbing uncontrollably, the doctor suggested that she give up on her orgasms. At the most difficult time in our lives, his request seemed extremely impolite. We left that office with a full heart and intact hopes. My husband and I experienced an inexplicable sensation that was unlike anything we had ever experienced.

After a lot of crying, we looked into each other’s eyes, we hugged each other and my husband whispered in my ear: “Let’s continue.” Would you be interested in her? I responded quickly: “Of course I will do it.” We chose to coincide with the pregnancy to give Heliay the opportunity. We immediately looked for alternative medication options, but the prices got worse. Almost all doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy because they believed that Heliay would die in my womb or, if we were lucky, she would be alive but she would die shortly after giving birth. I have always believed in God and have remained faithful to my personal convictions. She complied with my request.

On August 21, 2015, at 39 weeks gestation, Heliay was delivered by cesarean section, weighing 10 pounds and measuring 18 inches.

The first few days were very challenging. Because of my code I can only see it after 24 hours. The others began to worry that I wanted to see my own daughter and that I was rejecting her. After hearing such praise, I decided to sew her because I felt extremely fond of her. I caressed her face and massaged her hands and feet when I met Heliay. “Your mother is present,” I informed him. I admit that if she appears she may seem normal to most people. Its head had three protrusions in places where it was correctly formed. Heliay had eyebrows and her head looked like it was about to dissolve. She had her eyes and nostrils so she existed and she could breathe through her two nostrils. In my opinion, she was attractive in her own right.

After 13 days of observation, his father and I were able to return home with Heliay. I felt like she was upset and had no idea what to do about it. Plus, I live in Veezela, where the greed was bad three years ago and has only gotten worse since then. We needed medical assistance and the necessary resources to complete his initial series of surgeries.

We had to monitor his sleep every night during his first months of life due to his respiratory difficulty. In the event that Heliay required help, my husband, my mother-in-law and I worked three-hour periods. The time came for its first intervention (the installation of the valve in its head to control the passage of its a) after υпs months. The same story was repeated and the aesthesiologist expressed that Heliay would survive this operation. But she was confident that my daughter would come back to life and be successful; Heliay, I wasn’t disappointed. I thank God because so far everything has gone well. She underwent two additional surgeries to correct her clubfoot and relieve her lip. We have not been able to perform additional operations on Heliay (craniofacial reconstruction, ocular prosthesis, anal pyramid and others) due to lack of funds.

Every day, Heliay strives to be her best self. It’s hard for her to feel comfortable around people on the street. She considers her equal. So that she can see her like me, like she is a beautiful girl, I struggle with those surgeries.

Obviously, additional operations and rehabilitation will help improve her quality of life. I want everyone to recognize that she has a different personality. She likes the water and the sound it makes, the barking of the canopies makes her tired, she likes to listen to music and has her pro

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