Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Forced to Sell His $6.1M Mansion After Spending Only 48 Hours Due to Unexpected Circumstances

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Forced to Sell His $6.1M Mansion After Spending Only 48 Hours Due to Unexpected Circumstances

This season, the Oklahoma City Thunder are invading the Western Conference. With an impressive 10-4 record, the youthful team, led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, is currently positioned in second place in the Western Conference, just behind the Timberwolves.

As Shai became a legitimate league superstar, he was obligated to acquire a residence befitting his stature, which he duly accomplished. Gilgeous-Alexander acquired a mansion situated near Lake Ontario for $6.1 million earlier this year. Given that Shai is a native of Canada, his decision to make that specific location his vacation residence is comprehensible.

However, Shai’s conception of his ideal residence could not be further from the truth. Following a mere forty-eight hours of residence, the young NBA sensation and his fiancée made the decision to vacate the mansion on account of an unsettling occurrence.


An unidentified man had inquired about the previous proprietor of Shai’s residence, Aiden Pleterski, at his residence. Subsequent investigations revealed that Pleterski had deceived a number of his investors out of their capital as part of a significant cryptocurrency controversy; he has since eluded capture.

In the past, Pleterski oversaw a cryptocurrency investment firm and was even referred to as “Crypto King.” However, he lost the majority of his fortune in the wake of the recent cryptocurrency crash, and creditors are now pressuring him to repay their investments. Investors reportedly conducted numerous raids on the residence in the past, and threats were made to torch the entire structure.

After a few months have passed, Gilgeous-Alexander has filed an action to nullify the sale of the residence. The Thunder guard desires to leave

on the grounds that he was kept in the shadows regarding the property’s history.

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