Serena Williams Launches 10-Product Lifestyle Brand Catered to Active Individuals - Giang

Serena Williams Launches 10-Product Lifestyle Brand Catered to Active Individuals – Giang

TENNIS legend Serena Williams has launched her own beauty brand, Wyn Beauty.

The 23-time Grand Slam winner has rolled out 10 products to introduce the brand, all of which are created with active lifestyles in mind.

Tennis legend Serena Williams has launched a new beauty brand, Wyn BeautyCredit: Rex

The initial collection includes 10 make-up productsCredit: Wyn Beauty

Williams used the lessons she learned during her illustrious tennis career to launch her brandCredit: Sunday Times

Those include a lip and cheek tint – which is called MVP – as well as a hydrating skin tint, soft matte creamy concealer, and waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Williams, 42, told People that Wyn Beauty, pronounced as win, is a project that’s been six years in the making.

The endeavor started before the Covid-19 pandemic, the tennis icon said, but didn’t hit the stride until she retired from the court in September 2022.

Her 27-year athletic career made the Michigan native realize there are some unaddressed needs in the makeup space that the collection could target.

“I’ve always been into beauty,” Williams said.

“But when you’re a tennis player, there’s only so much that you can do because you’re out there on the court for hours.

“You move and sweat a lot, and you wipe everything away.”

“Then, imagine you’re on center court and you’re winning, and then you have 15 minutes to get ready before your press conference — and that includes undoing all the tape jobs and showering.

“You want to look halfway decent after sweating for hours.

“So for me, it was really just about: how am I able to represent myself in the best way? What are those key products you need to look presentable?”

“That’s been a journey that I’ve been on for my entire career. I would say the second half of my career I was able to find some answers.

“Nothing that was really perfect, but something that I knew could [help with] how I wanted to represent myself in front of millions and millions of people.”

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Some of the products contain nods to Williams’ sports background, including the tennis ball green packaging.

The legendary athlete started showing her passion for make-up and skincare way before launching Wyn Beauty.

Last year, Williams shared homemade tips on how to combat sunburn.

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