Sami Zayn responds to 38-year-old star's heel turn after RAW goes off the air, calls him a "pr*ck"

Sami Zayn responds to 38-year-old star’s heel turn after RAW goes off the air, calls him a “pr*ck”

Sami Zayn had an exceptional moment when he retained his Intercontinental Championship in his native country of Canada, but that wholesome moment was cut short when he was brutally assaulted, leading to a certain star turning heel after over a year. After the latest episode of RAW went off the air, Sami would respond to the star.

38-year-old Chad Gable left fans stunned when he assaulted Sami Zayn after his loss in the main event of RAW. As a result, the Montreal crowd threw huge “F- You” chants at Gable after the show went off the air.

Sami would respond after Gable attacked him, delivering a small part of his promo in French and the rest in English.

According to a X/Twitter user, the translation of what Sami Zayn said in French was “I won’t let this pr*ck steal our night” and then cut the rest of the promo in English by saying:

“Chad, I actually kind of get it. I understand, now I understand how it felt for you to let down your family and friends and to let everyone down. But guess what? This is my city. These are my people. Those are my friends. And that is my family. I just want you to know that as soon as this gets better, I’m coming back to kick your b**ch a**.” [0:11 – 0:51]

You can watch the clip below:

Although “Big” Bronson Reed let Gable know before the main event that he was next in line for a title shot, Chad’s heel turn instantly expands the storyline involving him and Sami.

Chad Gable is a huge reason why Gunther is no longer the Intercontinental Champion, and the resentment and jealousy are going to play a huge role in this story.

Perhaps a Triple Threat Match could be in the works for Backlash 2024 Premium Live Event unless Gable gets his shot again and finally captures the title.

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