Plot details for the next action-thriller starring Jason Statham have been revealed. - luantrum27

Plot details for the next action-thriller starring Jason Statham have been revealed. – luantrum27

Jason Statham’s upcoming action-thriller gets its first story and production details. After becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to action stars with 2002’s The Transporter, Statham now appears regularly as formidable tough-guys, dolling out justice to criminals, crooked cops, and giant prehistoric sharks. The actor most recently appeared in David Ayer’s well-reviewed The Beekeeper earlier this year, which was a box office hit.

Now, Deadline shares new details about a in-development project that Statham is set to star in. The currently untitled film will see Statham playing Mason, a man with a mysterious past who lives alone on a remote Scottish island. After rescuing a young girl from the ocean during a storm, he must repel a violent attack on his home. The film will be directed by Baltasar Kormákur, who is best known for Everest, and production is set to begin in the UK and Iceland in November of this year.

Will Jason Statham’s New Movie Continue One Of The Actor’s Big Trends?

Many Of Statham’s Action Movies Share Some Elements In Common

While Statham’s acting career has seen him taking on more ensemble movies and big blockbusters in recent years, the mid-budget action films he became best known for usually share many ingredients in common. Statham typically, for example, plays variations of the same character in these types of movies. This character is often quite serious and a man of few words, and he typically has a dark past.

This was the case for movies like The Transporter, The Mechanic, Blitz, Safe, Homefront, Wrath of Man, and The Beekeeper. While most of Statham’s action movies aren’t well-received by critics, they tend to be fairly reliable draws at the box office. Kormákur’s untitled film certainly seems to have many elements of a classic Statham action-thriller, with the actor playing a character who must confront his dark past while fending off enemies at a remote hideaway.

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