Pawsitively Adorable: 15 Dogs Celebrating the Best Birthday Bashes

It’s almost DOGust, everyone! In honor of the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs (created by the North Shore Animal League), we’re rounding up the most adorable of dogs who are enjoying their birthdays so much. We’re talking birthday dog parties with hats, cake made of peanut butter and bacon, and, sometimes, *cue fear and confusion* candles.

The zoom-in effect and the cheesiest smile of all time really completes this GIF. That grin. It gets us.

Skeptical Solomon

Solomon’s got a freakin’ bone with his name written on it, three cupcakes, a donut, and a hat, and he’s still not quite sure about all of this. But he sure is cute.

“Say Cheese!”

Rocky’s all like, “Hurry up with the photos already, Mom!”

He’ll Cry If He Wants To

There may or may not be a term for humans whose faces look, uh, less-than-ethused (or nice) at rest. Where’d you think that term came from, anyway? This lady’s happy—she promises.


Too much partying, man. It’ll get ya.


As if a cake alone weren’t enough, this one has peanut butter and bacon on it. It’s basically the ultimate dog dream.


Birthdays are a time for self-reflection. This guy looks like he’s doing a lot of soul searching.

High Five

This guy is not amused by his paw-shaped birthday cake (but we are).


The tall candles are usually the trick ones, and this fella’s been through enough birthday cakes to know how this works by now.

Bite Size


It’s like eating sushi, you know? The only way to do it right is to put the entire thing in your mouth.

So. Much. Birthday.

When you see how much cake and presents and friends are there for you and only for you.


“Birthday cake! I forgot what to do with my hands!”

Beauty and Grace

Talk about aging gracefully. Sophie’s only one and she already looks so…regal.

Treat Tower

*Waiting patiently to demolish*

It’s a Party


Via Tumblr

Gon’ have a howlin’ good time.

Hannah Gilman is a Seattle-based copywriter, content producer, and storytelling pro with dual degrees in journalism and graphic design. She grew up in rural Iowa with lots of dogs.

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