Nick Young Shares Rare Family Moment: Weekend Stroll with Kids and Girlfriend Keonna Green

Nick Young Shares Rare Family Moment: Weekend Stroll with Kids and Girlfriend Keonna Green

Prior to that, he was romantically involved with the Australian songstress Iggy Azalea from 2013 to 2016, but the two have since begun a family.

Wednesday was spent in West Hollywood by Nick Young, who was joined by his daughter Navi, his son Nick Jr., and his on-again, off-gain fiancée Keonna Green.

Keonna took endearing photographs of the family as the 34-year-old NBA superstar engaged in lighthearted antics and childlike activities.

Nick attended the family excursion in a casual attire, donning a white graphic T-shirt featuring illustrations such as a demented ice cream cone.

A pair of his Most Hated athletic shorts bearing the brand’s nаme inscribed along a black stripe along one leg served as his fashion logo.

Additionally, the former Los Angeles Laker was adorned in a green and white trucker helmet.

He maintained his devotion to Kanye West by donning a pair of the rapper’s Yeezy Boost SPLY 350s in neon green.

Nick previously appeared in Kanye West’s Facts, and he expressed his delight via Twitter last year when the rapper’s long-awaited solo album Ye was announced to have the same release date as his birthday.



Nick was supervising the other children while Keonna secured infant Nyce in a pushchair and carrier.

Nick’s high school sweetheart matched his casual attire, consisting of black shorts and a long black graphic T-shirt.

Since 2002, the couple has been intermittently together; in 2012, they welcomed Nick Jr.

However, the former Golden State Warrior began dating Fаncy songstress Iggy Azalea in 2013.

The couple declared their engagement in June 2015. However, one year later, the musician severed the bond after discovering Nick engaging in extramarital affairs within her residence through the surveillance cameras installed in her home.

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