Michael Jordan’s Extravagant Floating Mansion: Living Large on the Water with an $80 Million Luxury Retreat


Michael Jordan must be a name that is no longer strange to many people, especially professional basketball fans. However, Jordan is not only famous as the “greatest basketball player in history”, but also known as an extremely successful businessman with a “billion dollar” fortune.

“Basketball superstar” Michael Jordan and super yacht Joy

Michael Jordan was born in 1963, is an American basketball legend – a famous superstar in the Chicago Bulls team shirt. Michael Jordan has won the NBA 6 times with the Chicago Bulls and was voted the NBA Player of the Year 5 times. The 59-year-old legend was with the US basketball team twice winning the Summer Olympic Gold Medal in 1984 and 1992.


Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player of all time. Photo: Internet

After retiring from his career in the American Professional Basketball League (NBA) , Michael Jordan entered the “fatal” business fields. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jordan has worked with Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Gatorade and Wheaties, among many other top brands. The right investments have helped the basketball legend rise to become the world’s first billionaire athlete with a total fortune of up to $1.6 billion.

It can be said that, in addition to the global reputation, the huge fortune is a factor that helps Michael Jordan enjoy a full life at the age of 59. It is known that besides the supercar and real estate worth millions of millions. USD, the American basketball star also owns a yacht worth $ 21 million called “Mr. Terrible” and two other superyachts, both cost $80 million . In particular, the yacht named “Joy” with luxurious beauty is no different from “floating mansion” – considered a perfect choice for “upper-class” vacations.

Siêu du thuyền 80 triệu USD của Michael Jordan - Du thuyền

“Floating mansion” floating on the sea

This luxury superyacht has been the property of Michael Jordan since 2019, four years after he became the first billionaire sports star. As soon as the sale was successful, the basketball legend traveled to the island of St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean with her family and friends on this expensive vehicle.



Joy yacht with lavish beauty and impressive size. Photo: Charterworld

According to The Sun, Joy superyacht has a length of more than 70m, including 8 cabins, 2 VIP bedrooms, 4 Double rooms and 1 Twin room. Particularly, 2 VIP rooms have 270-degree views of the sea and the main deck area. The ship can accommodate 12 passengers and 19 crew, is equipped with two MTU engines for a maximum speed of 29 km/h and a cruise speed of 25 km/h.

The yacht’s operating cost per cruise is estimated to be at least $800,000 per week , but the experience is what the NBA legend cares about, not money.

Luxurious interiors and modern amenities

The owner of the ship was originally a lover of the sea, so he spent a lot of money on buying a luxury “property” right in the middle of the sea. Admittedly, with a value of up to $ 80 million, Joy superyacht is fully equipped with luxurious amenities of royal class and is no different from a villa floating on the waves.

The interior of the ship was made by Studio Indigo , a renowned studio specializing in luxury architecture and interior design based in Chelsea, London. Reportedly, Michael Jordan can even hold business meetings right on the yacht thanks to the high-tech audiovisual and satellite system.

The areas of the owner’s room, the VIP room for guests are fully equipped with modern amenities with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, creating a surreal space. The two children’s suites and the large lounge are equipped with Smart TVs and sofas. Each room is decorated with ocean mosaics, while all the toilets on the ship are clad in expensive marble and a modern ceiling shower system.





Luxurious, modern interior on the Joy superyacht. Photo: Charterworld

Not only that, passengers can also relax in the treatment room, spa, jacuzzi on the sundeck, cinema and separate steam room. In addition, top professional chefs are also on board to serve the guests.

In case passengers want to swim or entertain in the sea, the ship is also equipped with a large float slide with a height equivalent to 2-3 floors. The yacht also has inflatable slides, trailers, water skis and inflatable kayaks, more interestingly, scuba gear and fishing gear.

In addition, the superyacht also has an elevator system for moving between floors, a 5-star standard sound and light system, a spacious living room and dining room with insulated glass panels. allowing diners to enjoy a romantic dinner without being affected by the sea breeze. There are plenty of wellness options on board, such as an indoor-outdoor gym and a spa room with a private masseuse.






Other amenities on board and a life-size basketball court where Michael Jordan occasionally plays. Photo: Charterworld

One of the highlights of Joy yacht is the basketball court right on the deck as a way for Michael Jordan not to “forget his job” and his glorious years on the court. The yard is designed in an outdoor position with a high pillar and sofa nearby for the convenience of players to rest. In particular, this area can also completely turn into a mini football field, volleyball and badminton.

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