Michael Jordan's Comical Twist: Unveiling His 'Dad Instincts' in a Hilarious New Chapter

Michael Jordan’s Comical Twist: Unveiling His ‘Dad Instincts’ in a Hilarious New Chapter

Michael Jordan’s chronicles as the basketball world find its place in various annals. His name has spread across the globe and his mere mention still electrifies the discourse. Naturally, there are many people interested in his familial life. When he was with Juanita Vanoy, he was blessed with his first child in the world. This child Jeffrey Michael Jordan was born in late 1988 before Jordan won his first championship, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. He also welcomed Marcus and Jasmine to the world, becoming a father of three as he had nabbed two championships.

What happened when MJ learned that his daughter was also bringing a life to this world? Wouldn’t you want to know from Jasmine herself?Possessing “Father’s Intuition”, Michael Jordan’s Initial Reaction to ‘New Role’ Laid Bare by Daughter Jasmine: “Could’ve Sworn He…”

Jasmine Jordan talks about Michael Jordan’s parental instincts

Jasmine sat with the host of Birth Queen, a YouTube episodic interview show. In that show, she talked at length about her experiences as a mother and also delved into storylines related to her natal family. She expanded upon the period when she was pregnant and how her revelation was received by her father. She called her mom, so she thought, “she didn’t answer, I know my daddy ain’t gonna answer”.

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Turned Into Big Softie Becoming a Grandfather

Regardless, she texted her father and asked him to “catch up” when he has time. However, against her expectations, the Chicago Bulls legend called her immediately. She expresses her surprise, stating, ”I really wasn’t expecting it. I could have sworn he was busy catching soccer. He’s like no I’m dad first”. When he calls, he asks her “if everything is good”. To which, her reply is,”I’m fine, just driving home.”

Then, without any further prompt and hesitation, he predicts, “you are pregnant.”. Jasmine continues, “I said uh! He was like ‘you are pregnant, aren’t you?’ I said ‘yeah’, he said ‘wait, really?’ I said, ‘wait, really!’ He said ‘oh damn, father’s intuition” .jasmine michael jordan for Sale,Up To OFF 77%

READ MORE: Uncle Marcus Shows Love as Proud 30yr Old Mom Jasmine Jordan Pens Down Cute Note for Michael Jordan’s Grandson

Then he congratulated her on the new role, expressing, “That’s good boo, I am happy for you, everything is fine.”.

Rakeem and MJ

Jasmine gave birth to Rakeem Michael on Christmas in 2019. His second name Michael is drawn from the legendary player and his first name and surname Christmas are from her pro-baller husband Rakeem Christmas. In this same show, she also talked about how she puts a premium on her identity as a mother and wants to show that she and her family are much more than the Michael Jordan name tag.

MJ has forged a special bond with his grandson. When her son was a year old, she revealed to Essence that Grandpa Jordan and Rakeem “have an incredible bond and relationship already so I’m excited to see that develop as my son gets older.”

What do you think about Jordan’s bond with his daughter and grandson? Do share in the comments below.

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