Meet the 'Tree Boy': The Extraordinary Story of Rooted Hands and an Unwavering Spirit

Meet the ‘Tree Boy’: The Extraordinary Story of Rooted Hands and an Unwavering Spirit

Abul Bajandar is an ordinary 31-year-old man from Bangladesh. But in 2016, he suddenly became famous globally, but for a reason no one expected, that is, he suddenly contracted a strange disease.

Abul was diagnosed with an extremely rare skin condition called epidermolysis verruciformis. The disease causes damage and changes to the skin and specifically caused his hands to grow a lot of strange excess skin that looks like tree branches. In just a short time after getting sick, this man’s hands “grew plants” looking extremely strange and scary. Not only Abul’s hands but also his feet have a similar condition.

His hands were rough and stiff, with many branches bristling like tree roots

The man was nicknamed ” tree man ” because of the rare disease he encountered

With such special hands and feet, it is clear that Mr. Abul has encountered many difficulties in life. He also needs help from relatives to eat and live normally, not to mention working normally.

An even sadder thing for the “tree man” is that his epidermal verruciformis skin condition has almost no definitive treatment. All doctors could do was surgically remove damaged parts like tree roots on Abul’s body.

Strange hands turned a husband and breadwinner into a patient who had to stay in the hospital all day

In 2017, thanks to media coverage, Abul Bajandar had the opportunity to be sought out for treatment support by leading doctors and experts. The man was given free surgeries, gradually removing “tree branches” from his limbs. After more than 10 surgeries, Abul’s hands were returned to their normal state.

The “tree man” and the normal hands he always wanted

Thinking he had escaped the terrible disease, in 2019, the “tree man’s” illness relapsed and became even worse. He almost became disabled and was tormented by pain in his arms and legs every day. Abul even begged the doctors to completely amputate his hands. Even the “tree man’s” family agreed with this opinion because they had witnessed how much he struggled and suffered.

“I can’t bear this pain anymore. I can’t sleep every night. I wish the doctor would agree to amputate my hand, I think that might be better for me ,” the man shared with the press in 2019.

Two years after surgery, Abul became even more seriously ill

After that, the poor man continued to spend endless days on the operating table. After this relapse, Abul Bajandar’s limbs were completely amputated. However, he and the doctors still cannot feel completely reassured. They are still afraid that one day, the disease will relapse again and Abul will have to struggle with it all his life.

Although he is fine now, the “tree man” still has to live in fear that his illness will recur

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