Marvel at Drake's $88,000,000 Entertainment Villa: Awe-Inspiring Luxury in the World of Entertainment

Marvel at Drake’s $88,000,000 Entertainment Villa: Awe-Inspiring Luxury in the World of Entertainment

It happened quickly. Drake hasn’t even finished renovating the lavish mansion he paid top price for in the mountains above Beverly Hills. The “Hold On, We’re Going Home” rapper’s resort-style paradise is currently for sale on the open market, seeking $88 mιllιon. The home listing was first reported by TMZ.

The roughly 25,000 square foot home, which was constructed over several years beginning in the late 1990s, was created for GUESS co-founder Armand Marciano by the renowned architects at KAA Design Group. English music artist Robbie Williams, who purchased the Tuscan-style home in 2015 for $33 mιllιon, restored the furnishings and replaced the Old World-inspired, Mediterranean-themed ones with more modern ones.

Drake purchased the enormous complex from Williams and his wife Ayda Field last spring for an astounding $75 mιllιon. It’s unclear what alterations the rapper has done since then, but a glitzy real estate listing website reveals the mansion still looks largely the same as it did when Williams owned it and Field routinely posted pictures of it on Instagram.

The house is approached via gates and a very long driveway, and it is located in a remote area high in the hills above Benedict Canyon at the end of a little-known cul-de-sac. Beautiful views of the canyon, city, and ocean are framed by dozens of old oak trees and mature olive trees. There is an 11-car garage and a sizable motorcourt with plenty of space for additional parking on the property.

The neutral rooms, which have just been staged, err on the soothingly minimalist side of the design spectrum. The home’s features include a double-height lobby with a grand staircase, a living room with two massive fireplaces, a wine cellar, a gym, an elevator, a kitchen with two islands, and an upstairs master retreat with a private view balcony and a salon-style bathroom larger than several homes. There is a staff wing and a separate guesthouse, of course.

Everything is distinctly bespoke and probably cost a fortune to install, including the countless marble finishes and unique woodwork. The house has one of the largest grass areas in the 90210, a full-size tennis court, an outdoor kitchen, and a “hidden” orchard, according to the ad, but the expansive grounds and views stееal the real estate show. The compound is located on a nearly 20-acre plot of ground, much of which is a rough hillside.

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