Living in Luxury: A Peek Inside Rui Hachimura’s Lavish $7,200,000 Residence, the Home of the $51M Lakers Forward

Rui Hachimura, the history-maker forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, recently acquired a modern farmhouse-style residence in the incredibly desirable neighborhood of Encino.

This acquisition takes place after the completion of his successful three-year, $51 million contract with the Lakers, at a reduced cost of $7.2 million. The nearly 7,350-square-foot, brand-new residence is furnished with an assortment of opulent amenities and six bedrooms and seven restrooms.

By virtue of its contemporary yet refined design, the interior of the Rui Hachimura property emanates sophistication and hospitality via the application of burnished natural stone, white oak, Douglas fir, Ceppo di Gré limestone, and carbon cold-rolled steel.

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Rui Hachimura and his $7,200,000 LA propertyThe glass doors in the Lakers icon’s two-story residence grant access to the expansive outdoor areas, creating an uninterrupted transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces—ideal for lounging and entertaining guests al fresco. The property, measuring one-third of an acre, is located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a fenced and gated parcel that provides seclusion and privacy.

Notable features include a fully permitted ancillary habitation unit with a kitchenette and living area, a fitness center, a movie theater, and a driveway that leads to an attached three-car garage with streamlined black doors. The private backyard is embellished with olive and Italian cypress trees. It accommodates a sundeck, barbecue setup, spa and pool, as well as a fireside seating area. This tranquil environment is ideal for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

NBA Star Rui Hachimura Nets an All-New Los Angeles Farmhouse – Robb ReportRui Hachimura’s recently acquired residence in the heart of Los Angeles, for which he is presently under contract with the Lakers at an estimated annual salary of $17 million, exemplifies a lavish and comfortable lifestyle befitting a rising NBA star and reflects his refined taste in life.

An examination of Los Angeles’ three-year re-commitment to Rui Hachimura

Lakers News: JaVale McGee sells $2.49 million Los Angeles mansion - Lakers  DailyThe Los Angeles Lakers made a decisive move in the middle of 2023 to extend the contract of forward Rui Hachimura for an additional three NBA seasons through the execution of a financially rewarding agreement valued at $51 million. Following their midseason trade for Hachimura, the Lakers extended him a $7.7 million qualifying offer for the 2023-24 season, thus designating him a restricted free agent.

Through this action, the Lakers positioned themselves to be competitive with any offers that rival teams may present for the 25-year-old. NBA administrators from rival organizations assessed his annual market value to be between $12 million and $18 million, according to sources.

The re-signing of Rui Hachimura by the Los Angeles Lakers is a strategic move that contributes to their overarching plan for roster enhancement and continuity in the future seasons. General manager Rоb Pelinka accentuated “pre-agency” amidst the commotion surrounding trade deadline transactions to underscore the team’s commitment to retaining and nurturing the players they have acquired.

The Los Angeles Lakers declare their intention to match offer contracts for restricted free agents, including Hachimura, with the dual purpose of retaining their starting lineup and making minor adjustments necessary to regain playoff contention.

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