Lily, the blind Great Dane, and her guide dog showcase a bond that transcends disability and exemplifies unconditional love-pvth

Lily, the blind Great Dane, and her guide dog showcase a bond that transcends disability and exemplifies unconditional love-pvth

When illness forced veterinarians to remove the eyes of Great Dane Lily it seemed like her chances of living a fulfilling life were bleak.

However nobody anticipated that Lilys companion, Maddison would step up and become her guide dog.

These two have been inseparable, for years. Now find themselves in search of a home due to their owners inability to continue caring for them.

The unique aspect for anyone in adopting them is that Lily and Maddison are a package deal. They have been patiently waiting at the Dogs Trust rehoming center in Shrewsbury since July.

Louise Campbell, the manager shared “Maddison is Lilys guide dog. When they are out together Maddison takes the lead most of the time while Lily walks closely by her side to follow her cues. Its truly heartwarming to witness. Maddison always keeps an eye out for her.”

Lily was a pup when she was struck by an illness that caused her eyelashes to grow into her eyeballs resulting in irreparable damage.

It was, during this time that seven year old Maddison took Lily under her wing and their bond grew stronger.

These loyal companions lived together until their previous owners made the decision that they could no longer provide care for them.Miss Campbell mentioned that despite Lilys lack of sight her other senses have become heightened. Although they are not separated frequently Lily can sense when Maddison is nearby. They snuggle up together when going to sleep and communicate vocally with each other.

While they haven’t specifically analyzed their barks Miss Campbell noted that if Lily wants to move but Maddison is, in her way the pitch of her bark changes. The two dogs share a bond. Enjoy each others company.

According to Miss Campbell, Lily behaves like any dog and from a distance one wouldn’t even realize she has any visual impairment. She further mentioned that both dogs have an outlook, on life and always see the glass as half full.

Having spent an amount of time together they are content. Follow their daily routine affectionately. Miss Campbell also pointed out that their size, age and the requirement to be adopted as a pair may have deterred owners. She advised anyone considering adopting them to carefully assess their lifestyle and understand the responsibilities involved.

“They don’t appear enormous when you encounter them in person. These two wonderful large girls should have the opportunity to spend the remainder of their lives together in a setting ” she expressed.

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