Let's celebrate Vinicius Junior's true talent instead of racism with his Supercar Collection.

Let’s celebrate Vinicius Junior’s true talent instead of racism with his Supercar Collection.

Vinicius Junior made his international debut in 2015 for Brazil’s under-15 team. He played in the young team till he became 18, and he may be a star in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Vinicius plays for Real Madrid and Flamengo when not representing Brazil. For a 22-year-old!

The winger’s other pursuits? Vinicius likes expensive yachts, suits, and cars, according to his social media. We’re not shocked he treated himself given his phenomenal career earnings. Let’s see what Vinicius has in his garage and how he gets to training in style!

Brazil Winger Vinicius Junior's Car Collection

I keep saying this, but footballers love Audis! I don’t know what draws the team together, but most managers could only dream of the unity and team spirit demonstrated for a car brand. Vinicius has three Audis. Audi A7. It’s a good automobile and manufacturer.

Vinícius jr. with the q8 50 tdi quattro tiptronic | MARCA English

This vehicle blends Audi performance with unique design. Its 335-horsepower V6 engine can travel from 0-60 in under six seconds. Audi’s luxury touches are also inside. For reference, Vinicius’ weekly compensation for Real Madrid is reportedly $208,000. This automobile seems expensive!

Vinicius jr

Vinicius’ second Audi costs $70,000 less. It boasts a classic grille, LED headlights, 402 horsepower, and an SUV-like appearance. The new electric car is powerful, speedy, and can charge to 80% in 30 minutes. Vinicius will inform you that eco-friendly doesn’t imply sacrificing style. It’s spacious enough for Vinicius’s spare kits and footwear as he goes from club to practice to match.

Vinicius Jr says 'racism is normal in La Liga' after sickening abuse that  caused red card - Daily Star

Vinicius’s last Audi is the Q7. It is his most costly Audi, regularly $368,000. Vinicius received this great automobile for free because he’s a superstar! Audi offers Real Madrid’s players and coach new cars each season. Vinicius’ Audi Q7 may be replaced next September.

Footballers drive Audis, but not exclusively! Who wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini if they like cars? One of the best SUVs, the $250,000 Urus, is considered “entry level.” Twin turbocharged V8 engines with eight-speed automated transmissions provide 641 horsepower. Considering it’s a Lamborghini SUV, it’s fast! The Lamborghini Urus is a great alternative to Audis if you want something huge, fast, and robust.

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