LeBron James Praises 'Shooting Stars' Actors at Premiere: 'Unbelievable Job'

LeBron James Praises ‘Shooting Stars’ Actors at Premiere: ‘Unbelievable Job’

LeBron James and his wife, Savannah James, showed out for the Los Angeles premiere of his upcoming film “Shooting Stars” on Wednesday wearing outfits that were contrasting in hue.

LeBron James wore a white crewneck T-shirt underneath his double-breasted cream suit. He accessorized his suit with white sneakers, sunglasses, and a basketball lapel pendant.

Savannah, his spouse, wore an Oscar de la Renta ensemble in black, from the helmet to the toes, which contrasted with his cream-colored suit. Matching pants and a black jacket with flower embroidery on the lace completed the look, along with black Gianvitto Rossi slingback pumps.

To create her look for the premiere, Savannah worked with stylist Casey “Icon” Billingsley, who also styles Jhene Aiko, Amber Riley, and Coco Jones.

Billingsley and Savannah have been working together since 2021. She created the stunning white mermaid dress that Sergio Hudson designed for this year’s Vanity Fair Oscars.

Billingsley and Savannah have worked together on a variety of looks, such as Savannah’s iconic Schiaparelli pinstripe suit moment on February 7 during LeBron James’s NBA record-breаking game where he broke all previous scoring records.

The socialite dissipated earlier this year at Milan Fashion Week while wearing an all-black lacy catsuit.

LeBron James’s latest movie, “Shooting Stars,” draws inspiration from the book he and Buzz Bissinger co-wrote. The movie tells the story of the high school friendships that helped LeBron James stay together while he was a student at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, the school where he would go on to become a basketball legend. On Friday, Peacock will start showing the movie. Khalil Everage plays Marquis Sian Cotton. Caleb McLaughlin plays Little Dru, Wood Harris plays Dru Joyce, and Mookie Cook plays a young LeBron James.

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