Inside Will Smith's Luxurious $2.5M Motorhome: Exploring the Extravagance and Comfort of 'The Heat

Inside Will Smith’s Luxurious $2.5M Motorhome: Exploring the Extravagance and Comfort of ‘The Heat

Being an actor requires months spent away from home and family, holed up in movie trailers and mingling with production staff, producers, and artists. It also calls for a wandering lifestyle, which over time might get tiresome. Actors keep telling us that, they keep saying it.

The American RV company Anderson Mobile Estates caters to the wealthiest, most affluent clients and aims to give them a decent place to live. It all started with a camper aptly titled The Heat, and today Anderson Mobile Estates is synonymous with custom builds, flamboyant style, and the most opulent interiors.

The Heat is the first high-profile release from the company and the trailer for Will Smith’s movie. The Anderson family’s 1987 family venture, Star Trax Celebrity Coaches, was initially run by them. They sold the company in 1999 and took a sabbatical sailing the globe. This finally served as their inspiration for creating the most remarkable landyachts in history.


Smith admired their first building, The Studio. The outcome was The Heat, a two-story, 22-wheel RV that is so enormous that it still puts real houses to shame. It’s a sizable RV that, when it was initially unveiled, was the height of luxury and opulence. Adjectives like “sleek” and “modern” are no longer applicable because it feels noticeably archaic nowadays. Whether or not it belonged to a celebrity, it is still one of the most spectacular motorhomes ever built.

The Heat still appears to be owned by Smith. When he is not using it, it is apparently available for rent at a price of $9,000 per week, much like a superyacht. You get a real house on wheels that can become a mansion when parked for this amount of money.

Four-slide-out RVs are fairly popular, as designer Mackenzie Anderson explains in the clip from HGTV Celebrity Motor Homes below, but Anderson Mobile Estates was the first business to also expand the roof. Eight pistons raise the roof 42 inches (107 cm) to create the upper level, which includes, to mention a few amenities, a screening room that seats 30 people and has motorized shades and a 100-inch drop-down screen. The screening chamber also functions as an office.

A complete kitchen, dining room/lounge, and an additional lounge—which serves as Smith’s wardrobe when he is on location—are all located on the bottom floor. The first lounge has a tiny office and a professional cosmetics station, according to more recent pictures of The Heat. The caravan’s whole width is taken up by the $25,000 bathroom, which also has a sauna shower, a separate dry toilet, and a glass door that can be rendered opaque with the touch of a button.

This is not your typical RV, therefore all of the doors are automatic and make noise when they open and close. The architect refers to them as Star Trek doors. Many people in the early 2000s thought the Star Trek doors symbolized “the future.”

It was always the idea for the 55-foot (16.7-meter) The Heat to provide 1,200 square feet (111.5 square meters) of living space as well as the amenities generally found on a yacht. There are fourteen televisions and $125,000 worth of electronics and devices, as well as $30,000 worth of real leather on the sofas and even the ceilings. The Heat lacks an appropriate bedroom, according on information that is readily available to the public.

After The Heat was released in the early 2000s, Will Smith notably lived there while he was filming Ali, Men in Black III, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Shakira, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Hart, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, Jim Carrey, Sharon Stone, Whitney Houston, Sylvester Stallone, Jamie Foxx, and even President Bill Clinton have all bought or used one of these mega-motorhomes, making him not the only famous person to support Anderson Mobile Estates.

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