In the case of Robin, the most recently released from a meat farm, there are doubts about whether leaving his cage and his scars are a palpable reminder of the lasting impact of his past life.-HoangGA

Robiп was the last of 50 dogs that were saved from a dog slaughterhouse and beef farm in Yoпgiп, South Korea.

He didn’t realize that moment, but the moment he broke free and took his first steps away from his life, his whole life changed. It is regrettable that dog meat is still marketed in some parts of the world.

All small animals that are mistreated by humans should be treated with compassion and respect.

“We collaborated with South Korean animal rights organizations in this rescue to prevent the 50 dogs from being euthanized after authorities closed the facility.”

Dogs are trapped in sterilized metal cages if they drink food. Working with local authorities, Hυmaпe Society Iпterпatioпal/Korea, LIFE, Koreaп K9 Rescυe and Yoпgiп Aпimal Care Associatioп mobilized to help save all the dogs.

The Taepyeog dog slaughterhouse, the largest in South Korea, was closed in 2018, while the Bυsaп dog meat market was closed in 2019.

The mayor of Seoul declared the city capital “dog slaughter-free” in October 2020, while the country’s highest court ruled last year, in 2019, that a dog breeder who electrocuted puppies in the Law of Animal Protection.

The decision could have some great benefits for the industry that relies almost exclusively on electrocution as a means of execution.

Thank you for your help, member organizations!”

But so that you can see where all this pleasure comes from, it is worth the time, the price and the reverence. But so that you can see where it comes from all this time, it is the price and the pleasure of the bow.

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