How Ronaldo dethroned Messi to become the world’s most famous person

The competition between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo became more intense as Ronaldo overcame Messi to become the most renowned person in the world. Ronaldo is now the most famous person in the world.
Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed Messi to become the most famous person in the world

The first goal for Al Nassr was scored by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo in the seventeenth minute of the most recent match between Al Nassr and Al Fateh, which Al Nassr won 2-1 in round 20 of the Saudi Arabia National Championship (Saudi Pro League) in 2023/24. As a result of his most recent goal for Al Nassr, the Portuguese superstar has also established a new scoring record, surpassing Lionel Messi in the process.

It is more accurate to say that Ronaldo has upped the total amount of goals scored in his career that did not come from the penalty spot to 715. This includes goals achieved at both the club and national team levels. Despite the fact that this number is for Messi, the striker is now being paid by the club. For the American Professional Soccer League (MLS), the number 714 is assigned to Inter Miami Club. When looking at Ronaldo’s career in general, he has scored a total of 875 goals that have been officially recognized by both his club and his national team.

Ronaldo "beats" Messi in popularityRonaldo “beats” Messi in popularity

When it comes to competing with Messi in terms of popularity around the world, Ronaldo demonstrates his supremacy not just on the field but also in other areas. It is also essential to be aware that Ronaldo has more than 622 million followers on Instagram, making him the most followed individual on the platform. Messi, on the other hand, has 499 million followers. Nevertheless, this is not sufficient for some individuals, particularly those who are followers of Ronaldo and Messi.

Recently, Pubity, a prominent advertising organization in the world, performed a survey with 32 notable individuals, including Barack Obama, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Vladimir Putin, John Cena, Ronaldo, and Messi, to determine their level of popularity. there are languages in the globe. It came as a surprise that Ronaldo and Messi became the two most renowned figures in the world. According to the results of the election, Ronaldo emerged victorious with 51% of the votes. The result of this was that Ronaldo became the most renowned person in the world, surpassing Messi in the process.

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