Heartwarming Scene as Enormous Dog Remains Tethered to Bench, Bravely Awaiting His Heroic Rescuer - giang

Heartwarming Scene as Enormous Dog Remains Tethered to Bench, Bravely Awaiting His Heroic Rescuer – giang

In November of 2023, rescuers with the Austin Humane Society (AHS) were shocked to discover a large gray-and-white pit bull mix alone in a park. The sweet boy wore a collar with a leash attached — but someone sadly tied it to a park bench before leaving him behind.

The poor guy was visibly sick, making AHS’ rescue mission even more imperative.

“He was … crusty from head to toe,” the 15/10 Foundation wrote on Facebook. “He had infections of the skin and eyes, and desperately needed medicated baths, eye drops and ointment to treat them.”

Austin Humane Society

Despite being in pain, the dog, later named Gordough, wagged his tail with excitement when AHS’ rescuers approached. After just one comforting head scratch, Gordough knew he could trust his new friends. He melted into their hands and let them unravel his leash from the bench.

Austin Humane Society

AHS’s staff could tell right away that Gordough was a patient boy, but it wasn’t until they returned to the shelter that they realized just how special was.

“Gordough is a big guy, he weighs 115 pounds but has a sweet and gentle demeanor,” AHS wrote on Instagram. “[He] has instantly become a staff favorite, and it’s easy to see why!”

Austin Humane Society

Gordough’s skin conditions required immediate attention, but the adorable giant wasn’t bothered by any of the fuss. He sat calmly as his new friends bathed him and hardly reacted to the various ointments applied to his body.

Austin Humane Society

After surviving a traumatic abandonment, the resilient boy was just happy to finally be loved.

“Gordough is kind of like one of those reclining happy Buddha statues [come] to life,” AHS told the 15/10 Foundation, later shared on Facebook. “The zen master is an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere.”

Austin Humane Society

As Gordough rested at AHS, the story of his rescue went viral on social media. The 15/10 Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting medically needy shelter dogs, pledged to cover Gordough’s medical expenses.

Thanks to their help, Gordough received the treatment he needed. He soon found a foster home, where he could continue to recover in a cozy environment.

Austin Humane Society

Just as he had at AHS, Gordough quickly stole his foster parents’ hearts. They’d initially planned to care for him temporarily, but they soon realized that he was meant to be a permanent family member.

A month after AHS staff found him in the park, Gordough was officially adopted by his foster family. Now, he spends his days cuddling his favorite humans on the couch and playing with his favorite toys in between naps.

Austin Humane Society

It’s been a couple of months since AHS found Gordough tethered to a bench, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. His body has recovered fully, and he smiles as if he’s only ever known love.

Austin Humane Society

With the memory of his difficult past now far behind him, Gordough is finally living the life he’s always dreamed of. And his friends at AHS and the 15/10 Foundation couldn’t be happier for him.

“Now that he’s healed from his skin and eye infections, this big lug is free to begin his new life,” the 15/10 Foundation wrote on X, previously Twitter. “Gordough, may you continue to be [an inspiration] for couch potatoes everywhere.”

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