“Heartbreaking: Pregnant Dog Chained Outside in Heavy Rain by Negligent Owner”

This Pregnant Dog Was Chained By Her Owner And Left Outside On Heavy RainThe issue of stray dogs is a persistent problem across the United States, and it’s one that’s being worked on by numerous rescue organizations.

But, one other problem that is often overlooked is the case where people who own dogs mistreat, abuse, and completely neglect them.

For these poor pups, anything would be better than the situation they are in at the moment. In this story, we will talk about a pregnant dog who was suffering under its owner for a long time.

Merica’s Horrible State

dog chained in the rain

When Merica was first found in the suburbs of Texas, she was chained outside of her house by owners who were completely okay with having her stay outside.

This meant that she endured the heavy rains and storms while she was pretty much ignored by everybody.

To make matters worse, she was also pregnant at the time, and there was no guarantee that her puppies would make it unless somebody helped her.

dog and puppies on a pile of blankets

The cruel owners didn’t want her because her babies never made it, but they would still keep her chained regardless.

How somebody could be this cruel to an innocent dog is truly beyond me. More needs to be done to avoid situations like this.

When the rescuers came to save her, the owner just laughed, but let her go because she was of no use to him anymore.

The kind people took her to the shelter in Texas, and she managed to give birth just shortly after. She had given birth to 10 healthy puppies.

Naturally, her instincts kicked in and she took care of her babies. She would very gently lick them while she was nursing them.

Merica’s Adorable Puppies

photo of woman with puppies

They were just so adorable. Days would go by, and the sweet puppies would grow up really fast. The rescuers determined that there were eight boys and two girls.

Watching them grow up was one of the best experiences for the rescue staff, as they got to see them develop personalities and start playing around.

Their mom was always there by their side, watching and making sure they behaved and didn’t get into any trouble.

Months just flew by and the puppies have now almost grown up. They look almost unrecognizable.

dog on the road by the field

They were staying with one of their rescuers, which meant that they had a very big yard where they could play and explore.

She would also make sure to take the mama dog for walks whenever she could, and she would just enjoy every moment of it.

Things were going great for them, and very soon, the puppies could be on their way to a new home.

However, we don’t exactly know what happened next for the dog family, as it was not made clear. 

If there is one thing that is absolutely certain, it’s that her rescuers will make sure they live their lives with somebody who will care for them.

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