Glamorous Getaway: Stephen Curry's Romantic Journey along the Italian Coast with Wife Ayesha, Embracing Elegance and Awe with Ayesha's Stunning Flower Bikini

Glamorous Getaway: Stephen Curry’s Romantic Journey along the Italian Coast with Wife Ayesha, Embracing Elegance and Awe with Ayesha’s Stunning Flower Bikini

Stephen and Ayesha Curry are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary with a romantic European vacation for two. The couple are currently traveling throughout the south of France, making stops in the seaside towns of Saint-Tropez, Èze, and Antibes, snapping blissful photos at each destination. So far, they’ve enjoyed ice cream and espresso dates, strolled cobblestone streets, and embarked on a few boat rides with incredible coastal views.

The duo kicked off their anniversary getaway by posing outside of a building with the number 11 displayed above the door. Sharing the picture on Instagram, Ayesha wrote, “11!!!! Today we celebrated 11 years married! It’s truly flown by. Getting to spend my life with my best friennnnnd, my love, my rock, my everything. Every year just gets better! I am so grateful and feel so blessed. More than half way to 20! That’s crazy!!! Okay… back to celebrating.” Stephen posted a similarly heartfelt Instagram caption, writing, “11. My Ish! Loving this journey with you more and more. Already blessed in so many ways and who knows what’s next. That’s the best part! through it all- we keep growing and loving each other. Next chapter begins… I Love You!”

A few weeks before jetting across the pond, Stephen and Ayesha stepped out at the 2022 EPSYs with their two daughters, 10-year-old Riley and 7-year-old Ryan. The couple also share a third child, 4-year-old son Canon, though he didn’t tag along for the event. The Curry parents often travel to celebrate their anniversaries; last summer, they commemorated 10 years of marriage with a dreamy trip to Mnemba Island off the coast of Tanzania. Catch up on all the postcard-worthy pictures from their latest couple’s getaway ahead.

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