Get ready for some blazing action as Megan Fox and Jason Statham heat up the screen in a scorching scene in "The Expendables 4".-ltbl

Get ready for some blazing action as Megan Fox and Jason Statham heat up the screen in a scorching scene in “The Expendables 4”.-ltbl

One of Hollywood’s most famous action movie franchises – The Expendables will officially return this coming September. Iconic faces of the series such as Sylvester Stallone or Jason Statham will return simultaneously, along with the appearance of new famous names such as: Megan Fox or 50 Cent.

Megan Fox is hot in the new movie. 

Expend4ables continues to follow this special squad to carry out new missions, this time to stop terrorist boss Suarto with his plot to smuggle nuclear weapons and incite war between the two countries. Russian and American sides.

In the trailer for The Expendables 4 , the audience reunites with familiar faces that were part of their wonderful memories of the early 21st century. ‘Old guy’ Sylvester Stallone will return to the film in special role, leaving the “aura” of the central character to Jason Statham as Lee Christmas. This time, Lee will be the one to lead the team to carry out the dangerous tasks ahead.

Besides, the audience got to admire the eye-catching return of Hollywood’s most glamorous beauty Megan Fox . At the age of 37, Fox has a beautiful, sharp face and an extremely hot body.

She plays a CIA agent, who is also Lee’s ex-girlfriend. The romantic images of Jason Statham and Megan Fox in the trailer increase the audience’s expectations for the ultimate “chemical reaction” between the two.

Hot scene between Megan Fox and Jason Statham. 

The images revealed through the trailer promise that The Expendables 4 will bring audiences back to the golden age of Hollywood-style action movies with eye-catching explosions, racing, and close combat.

After part 3, which made many fans “displeased” when it became lighter to fit the PG-13 rating, the crew shared that they made The Expendables 4  with the orientation of an R-rated action movie. , brings all of the series’ trademark violent fights and finishers back to the screen.

The Mercenaries 4 is expected to premiere in Vietnam from September 22, 2023.

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