Frail and Neglected: The 15-Month-Old Dog’s Heartbreaking Condition – Malnourished, Weighing Only Eighteen Pounds, Battling Mange, Electrolyte Imbalance, and Anemia

Unfortunately, many puppies survive on the streets in the hope of receiving the help they deserve. We take comfort in knowing that not all people are indifferent, like the person who called Adopt-A-Bull when she found an abandoned Bulldog puppy on the street. .

And although the organization did not have foster homes available and its funds were few, they decided to act and save this little girl they named Princess. About 15 months old she arrived at the vet weighing only 8 Kg, she was anemic and her laboratory tests were altered, she was so weak that she could barely keep her eyes open. open.

She had scabies, a skin disease caused by the Demodex mite, this is very common in abandoned puppies that fortunately can be cured with good treatment and love. After investigating her, they discovered that her owner tried to return her to her store because of the condition of her skin, but they did not care and ignored her.

With the help of her collaborators, after a well-deserved rest and proper treatment, Princess was able to regain her strength and go to a temporary home, where she shares with Cliffy, another dog she loves to play with.

Sleeping in his own bed warm and safe from the dangers of the elements, plus the treatment from the vet and the love he has received was a miraculous cure.


Princess recovered all her beautiful fur and had no scars left from her terrible illness.

This little Bulldog has a beautiful future ahead of her just like her beautiful new coat, she now has a family that understands what the commitment to love and protect a pet is like in good times and bad.

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