"Found in an Extreme State of Starvation – Bones Almost Piercing Its Skin. This Dog Simply Wants to Live!"

“Found in an Extreme State of Starvation – Bones Almost Piercing Its Skin. This Dog Simply Wants to Live!”

A couple who had recently purchased an old house found the dog on November 1. Before they discovered him, he appears to have been imprisoned for some time.

Marisa from Coraço100dono took him to the doctor because he was underweight and had sharp bones that may have pierced his skin.

Despite the realtor’s assertion that the previous owner did not have a dog, we believe Valentine was tossed into the house because the gate was shut and he was unable to flee. No one spotted him before the two came in.

We can see from the stubbornness in his eyes that he must survive, even if our son still has a flea and parasite infestation from a few weeks ago.

Marisa brought him back to her haven the next day. Social media users instantly became interested in the Valentine’s Day story.

Vale has returned and is now enjoying his snack. He was also taken outside by Marisa for a long overdue stroll. Our kid gained a kilo three days after being saved.

Even though he still has a ways to go, he is able to play with his buddies and walk correctly. He may now use a heated bed as well.

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