Family Vacation With Alexis Ohanian and Olympia Turns Adventurous for Serena Williams as She Screams Her Way Out of a Roller-Coaster Ride DUY

Family Vacation With Alexis Ohanian and Olympia Turns Adventurous for Serena Williams as She Screams Her Way Out of a Roller-Coaster Ride DUY

Former world’s number one Serena Williams‘s “god ferie” took an adventurous turn. Currently holidaying in Europe, Williams delighted her fans by sharing snippets of her family time on social media. From visiting candy stores to managing romantic date nights with her hubby, Serena has been dropping vacation goals for the past few days. Amid everything, Williams didn’t forget to continue her tradition with Olympia as they test their fears in a new way!

A reliable fan page of Serena Williams recently took their Instagram profile to share an adorable video of the former Olympic gold-medalist WTA star with her daughter in Denmark. The adorable mommy-daughter duo took a fun roller-coaster ride in Denmark’s Legoland and delighted their fans’ hearts with their cute expressions, “Yohoo” and “Oh my god.” The video was captured by Williams and shared on her official TikTok platform. “Check out my unedited day at Legoland in Denmark….”- wrote the former world’s number one tennis player.

From that point onward, this WTA legend additionally referenced how “hummmm decent and practically private” climate they got since the spot wasn’t exceptionally packed with guests. “Serena and Olympia rides exciting ride at Lego Land in Denmark.

Serena Williams’ TikTok profile additionally uncovered how the mom little girl couple delighted in Lego Ninjas, Lego manifestations that are immense and nearly life-size, and numerous other entertaining highlights of the spot. While fans were cheerful seeing Serena making some function memories with her family on her most recent European get-away, they likewise saw how grown up Serena’s kid looked with her long twisted hair and that charming grin.

Not only that Serena’s video showed how their seats rolled up at one point giving Olympia a great surprise to the extent that she rolled her eyes at Mommy’s camera and exclaimed- “OHHH NOO!”. However, before she could realize it, the ride took off again and Olympia said- “I did not expect that,” On the other hand, Williams cooperated with her daughter so much that she laughed at the moment showing that she was having equal fun with Olympia, visiting the Lego Land.

The mommy-daughter duo has been a fan of adventure. During Serena’s tropical vacation earlier this January, fans spotted her capturing her fun water ride wearing a black swimsuit. Preparing for the water slide while filing, Williams said- “Give ya girl a waterslide and a camera- and this is what you will get! So Olympia talked me into doing this water slide, which I’ve already done twice,” This legendary WTA star was spotted screaming and laughing as her ride got faster than her expectations and dropped her into the pool.

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